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Apparel Vettel Helmet 1.0

Fictional Helmet

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  1. Show this helmet seb and he will use it when he won the 4.title:D
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  2. XD XD XD holy c*ap... that's AWSOME :thumbsup:
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  3. He is definitely eyeing to break Michael's 5 consecutive championship wins record and then go on to win 8 championships.
    So there will be many many many more Vettel helmets to make. ;)
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  4. Thanks. :):D
  5. Alonso will win this year, not him.;) It's time that someone else won the title cause it's boring to see Vettel win it again, and again , cause he has the best car.It's kinda boring:(
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  6. By the way...i´m not Vettel-fan:whistling:

  7. I have been hoping for that since 2010.
    So close till the end but unlucky twice in 2010 and 2012.
    Hope Ferrari can keep up and challenge till the end.
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  8. Yeah , yeah.I'm eager to see that upcoming :geek:
    After the early 2000's domination of ferrari they just can't repeat the same success they did.
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  9. Yes.
    This season they are more competitive then previous years, so lets hope they can keep up with Red Bull and Mercedes as well especially in Qualifying.
  10. Beautiful work as always Gerald! :)
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  11. Thanks. :)
  12. Where is the Unlike button :p
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  13. <------ There is only one driver for me ...:D
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  14. great staff! :)
  15. Amazing helmet Gerald!!!!
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  16. How to replace this helmet with vettel's helmet?? :D
    This is master piece.. :D

  17. Use Ryder Pssg editor to export/import .dds file from it to any file you like.
  18. Another wonderful helmet:):thumbsup: