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Very weird graphics performance issue

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cueceleches, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I´m posting this just because I´m very curious about why this might happen and if any of you have any tips on this one:

    Despite my rig is rather a humble one (Q6600, ATI HD5870, 4GB RAM, Windows XP 32b), I´m able to play F1 2011 at max settings (DirectX 9 based of course) and it runs very very smoothly.

    I´m at my 2nd season, with Toro Rosso. No problems until I got to Silverstone, a few days ago. Suddenly, the game performance dropped greatly, with no apparent reason: no new mods, no new hardware, no nothing! I couldn´t get past 15FPS in the ingame benchmark, though it used to get past the 40s.

    I checked every possible cause, to no avail. I only could lower my settings to "High" and lower my MSAA to x4. And still got an average FPS of 28. I raced like this at Silverstone, Nurburgring and Hungary. And suddenly, I got to Monza, and to my surprise, again the game started to perform as usual, with higher FPS, so I could raise again my settings.

    Since then, I´ve been looking into this issue and still got no clues on why this could happen. I would greatly appreciate any ideas, so as to know what the cause might be if it happens again.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Bump! Can anybody help the OP?
  3. Indeed I would appreciate greatly!
  4. I know I haven't experienced this yet, but I have an Nvidia.

    But after the news of no new patches, I don't think many people will read this, sadly, as this part of the forum would be dead now.

    Do you have Vsync on or off? That might help - turning it off, I mean?
  5. Thanks! Vsync is off, though turniong it on didn´t make any difference at all.
  6. I am gonna give you the answer why you are having terrible performance.
    After the patch 2 Codies messed so much the game so it was unplayable on my rig which includes 3x 580GTX so keep that in mind.
    Before the patch 2 the game was running really smoothly around 170+ fps.
    After the second patch if i keep AA on Maximum( Which is for nvidia only / Greater than 8X) + My sli was enabled.
    I was getting around 15 fps average on the benchmark.
    So in short codies screw up SLI/Crossfire Profiles.
    And on top of that if i want to have the same perfomance i am forced to play with single card and without any AA.
    The rest is on Ultra 1920/1200 resolution DX11.
    Our group tryed to tweak the game to make it work fine with SLI but no succes yet.
    And the answer for VSYNC.
    if you turn OFF vsync you will recieve screen tearing f.e 60 hz Monitor can refresh at 60 fps ez. if you are playing like me on 170 + fps your screen will tear alot.
    If you are playing with Gaming Monitor which is at 120hz its fine.
  7. I am running a 6950 Crossfire setup and don't have any issues. Using catalyst 11.11c and running the game at 4924x900 (eyefinity) 4xMSAA, High settings and DX11 I get an average of 55-60fps depending on the track (Vsync is off since I don't average higher than 60fps, max is 70). Min fps @ Monaco is around 40fps. I would update drivers (latest is 11.12) and if that doesn't help reinstall the game. AA is not a big deal on racing titles so turning it to 2x or off might help you. Setting shadow quality lower can provide a boost in most games.

    You shouldn't have a CPU bottleneck since yours is quad-core. Maybe try forcing the game to run on 4 cores by changing the hardware_settings_config.xml (found in C:\Users\username\My Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2011\). There is a line that will have workermap2core.xml : change that to workermap4core.xml. (not sure if this helps or causes issues, not required on my PC)
  8. Thanks for the help. Nevertheless, my card is a single one, so no crossfire problems on this side, and since I´m on XP 32, I use DX9. My config file uses the workermap4core.xml.
    Still very weird. I raced yesterday at Monza and Marina Bay, and no problems at all, the game ran smooth as silk. I´m beginning to think the problem might be somewhere else and not really related to the game.
  9. I was getting lousy performance after patching to 1.2

    Turning vehicle reflections down from Ultra to High has given me back solid 60fps for some reason.