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very choppy reflections...

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by JayJayRaceinho, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. ...on the cars and my 980ti is bored of this game :cautious::D :

    where is grass ?
    where is night racing ?
    where is Depth of Field ?
    .....and more Weather-Templates ?

    ...besides that, it looks allready pretty decent overall..... with exceptions of cockpit-shaders....:thumbsdown:
  2. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Car reflections on the 'high' setting was a known FPS killer and subsequently optimised as part of the last update. It seems Sector3 achieved this by simply reducing the refresh rate of the reflections to a point where they look horribly choppy on the high setting. This was quite a crude 'optimisation' in my opinion. The result looks quite bad so I run on the 'low' setting. The car reflections setting needs options for both quality and refresh rate so that those running high-end systems can get a more satisfactory result.

    3D grass? Not sure if there are plans for this. Grass textures look great but yeah, a bit flat.

    Night racing & weather - not in the immediate plans as far as I'm aware, which is a shame. I think wet races should be a standard feature of all racing sims otherwise we're not making progress as a genre. Sadly for R3E (as with some of its competitors) the focus is on pumping-out new content rather than bolstering the base game with core features.

    Depth of field - I think this is planned. Personally I would only use it in replays as DOF makes no sense in driving cams.
  3. yeah, really weird optimisation with those reflections...low/high....there would be still "very high" & "ultra" as possible setting :rolleyes: .... need to check low again.

    i remember in AC some guys created a "Night"-Weather template, like those nights where the moon is shining so bright, you still have some sight on the track. Add some lamps for the tracks and done, atleast better than nothing.

    DoF for replays, yep.