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Skins Verstappen Red Bull & Kvyat Toro Rosso Liverys 1.0

Red Bull & Toro Rosso Spain Liverys

  1. Kris

    #16 | F1 Youtuber Premium

  2. :cool: Perfect. Thanks.
  3. Which stoopid guz gives bad ratings. I have the same problem on mz F1 2013 Update. Someone must be giving one star ratings and that is anonzm. What a mess.
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  4. I don't now what I doing wrong but when I change the files in my F2014 folder and starts up the game Verstappen is still with Torro Rosso and Kyat by RedBull what am I doing wrong?
  5. Same for me ... we have miss something ;-) i guess
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  6. Hi, I want skin the new ferrari on williams chassis can I use your ferrari as a perspective. I want steal anything, but I want make my ferrari livery. Which files I must convert for the textures. Thank you for your support. Can I mix youras and Krsskos Cars i like the manor racing of krsskos. I want to look that I give the car a more metallic look in the next car material update.
  7. I only see the livery...and the new update should be friday,but i do not se anything about a update with the swap kvyat verstappen.
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  8. Copy material.xml file from cars>fe2 and copy to all folders from cars
    EXCEPT sc2, generic and generics folders
  9. Thank youi. I´m uploading now a big lighting update for F1 2014 and F1 2013.
  10. No Offense Kris, but why are you promise when will be the update coming?(Kyvat & Verstappen swap) :/ Russia update for your mod still missing. It's a great mod and I still waiting for update Russia update and Kyvat,Verstappen swap because I want to launch F1 season my Youtube channel, but without it, I can't. :/ I understand you are busy, then don't promise when will be out the updates.
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  11. In his defence I don't think this is his daily job so I am most of all very glad that he's taking the time to make the mode and I can imagine that is a hell of a job to swap everything.
  12. Not working for me :( i copied this into folder but nothing change. And I'm using 2.0 mod 2016, and Vandoorne's picture not showing (btw i want Alonso..)
  13. Its only a liverys swap nothing else. so only the cars of Red Bull and Torro Rosso are different.