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Misc Verstappen in RB Kvyat in TR 1.0

Ves RB Kvt TR

  1. You can change image of Verstappen en Kvyat to. Go to:
    F1 2015\videos\fe_drivers_2015 and rename there:
    kvyat.bk2 in verstappen.bk2 and
    verstappen.bk2 in kvyat.bk2

    See images. Red Bull - Verstappen.jpg Torro Rosso - Kvyat.jpg
  2. Can you change his names in audio?
  3. No you can not. You can change the names in subtitles if you like, but I asume no-one is using subttitles.
  4. Must be a way to change, you know, but even so should not be perfect....citing Toro Rosso rather then Red Bull it's boring hahah
  5. Thanks!
  6. dude do the other 2016 names (mag,pal,weh,har)