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Verizon IndyCar Series 2014

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Nelson Ullinskey, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. The Verizon IndyCar series gets underway this weekend in St Petersburg Florida! This thread is dedicated to the discussion of races, news and anything Indy related. Haters, please refrain from posting here. This area is meant for those and that actually like and follow the series. Hopefully, we have some Indy fans here at RD and this thread does not wither and die :cautious:
  2. I'm with you Nelson.
    In recent years, IndyCar has produced some of the most competitive and unpredictable racing found anywhere.
    I'm glad to see they have a good sponsor in Verizon ( supposedly and 10 year deal).
    I'm looking forward to a good race this weekend; it will be interesting to see how Montoya does.
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  3. Could someone help me understand what the deal is with the second Dale Coyne car driven by Huertas? I understand he runs only the street circuis and road courses, but will Coyne bring in someone else for the ovals or not?

    Edit: Oh, released a few days ago Huertas will run the full season including all ovals.
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  4. Pretty good race at Long Beach yesterday , considering it's a street course. They went a fair number of laps before the first caution. RHR made a pretty boneheaded move when he caused the big circuit blocking accident. All in all , it was pretty entertaining. Congratulations to the winner!
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  5. I have tickets to the Indy road course race on saturday, should be a good time. I only live 20 miles from the track, so why not?
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  6. Now if only F1 could follow the same example... :rolleyes:
  7. A few photos from the Indy GP.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. 4 8 15 16 23 42 108

    4 8 15 16 23 42 108
    Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen Premium

    Great race I think! I'm just a little sad Hawksworth somehow lost his chances due to a poor (or unlucky) strategy.:O_o:
    Awesome battles, I really enjoyed it even on this track I never claimed my favorite (in F1 races):thumbsup:
  9. Great stuff Eric! There was a slight chance that I might have gotten to go there, but I did not. Race was nice, plenty of drama, great hard racing and intense strategy at the same time. And with no evident winner early on, there was a nice sense of unpredictability in it. By the looks of the crowd from the TV angles, it was a decent turnout.

    Other than James Hinchcliffe's concussion, it was a great race. I wish him the best and I hope he runs well in the 500 later this month. Until he is cleared to drive, Andretti Autosport is bringing in EJ Viso to drive his car.
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  10. A very interesting Indy 500 today. A great finish ; congratulations to the winner.
    A smart move on the part of the organizers to red flag the race with 9 laps to go. They didn't want the race to end under the yellow and of course neither did the fans.
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  11. It was really a great race.
    Congratulations for Ryan Hunter-Ray that win the race by only 0.060 seconds.
    A pity for Helio Catroneves... that lost the race by only 0.060 seconds.

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  12. Last night had a fairly interesting race of the Verizon IndyCar Series 2014... Few yellow flags, much competition.

    Remaining seven laps to go, blew the engine of the Takuma Sato's car, forcing a yellow flag. The top four drivers at the moment remained on the track, while another drivers like Will Power, were to the pit to change the racing strategy.

    Two laps to go: Green flag! With new tires Will Power easily overtakes Tony Kanaan, Scott Dixon and JP Montoya, but not Ed Carpenter that wins the Firestone 600.

    Congratulations to Ed Carpenter!


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  13. That was an interesting race! Lot of strategy and drama. Even though I am not a William Power fan, it was cool to see him carve through the field in those final two laps. A lot of drama with that final caution, had no idea what to expect! I had thought that it would take way too long to clean that debris up and in would end under caution. Cheers to the safety crews in getting that stuff cleared so quickly, it was remarkable they finished under green.
  14. A very good race last night. Watching the Will Power charge at the end was exciting. One more lap and I think he would have won.
    Nice to see an oval where they are not pinned all of the time , but actually have to slow down, drive the car and slide around a bit.:)
  15. Sorry I did not do this sooner, but here are the broadcasts of Indy through Houston. Yes, Indy cars race in the rain as seen in Houston race 1. I am enjoying this season very much, and I am going to go to Newton next weekend and Milwaukee in August.

    IndyCar Series 2014 - Round05 Indianapolis 500 - Race [FULL/720p/EN] - YouTube
    IndyCar Series 2014 - Round06 Detroit - Race [FULL/720p/EN] - YouTube
    IndyCar Series 2014 - Round07 Detroit - Race [FULL/720p/EN] - YouTube
    IndyCar Series 2014 - Round08 Texas - Race [FULL/720p/EN] - YouTube
    IndyCar Series 2014 - Round09 Houston - Race 【FULL/720p】 - YouTube
    Indycar Series 2014 - Round10 Houston - Race 【FULL/720p】 - YouTube

    I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the season! :thumbsup: