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Mods Valentino Rossi 1999 Textures Mod 2016-07-16

Valentino Rossi The Game

  1. Hi, i have made a livery for the speed up of Simone Corsi
    i have done the leathers, boots, gloves and the bike.
    However the bike skin isn't showing up, do u have to do anything other than re-design the .dds livery in the bike folder?
  2. i have same question, because bike_xxx.dds is alpha channel, i don't have idea for this. -_-
  3. maybe he has forget to save as 8 bit interpolated alpha in photoshop, it's common error, with invidia tools if you save, an alpha channel file you must ever save as simple or interpolated alpha on the invidia tab and also must save the mip maps of file
  4. Very nice, can you do the 2000 and 2001 bike as well?