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Valencia - Track Update

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Reddvers, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Noticed that this year the blue run-off area and barriers at Valencia were quite a bit darker so I have made a couple of changes.

    I have replaced the DHL adverts in the home straight with Santander logo's as per this years race.

    Finally a couple of the floor adverts mentioned Valencia so I made my versions of those, not 100% accurate :redface:


    DOWNLOAD (Race Dept):-


    DOWNLOAD (MediaFire):-


    Have fun :thumbsup:

    Jim (Reddvers)
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  2. thanks.:cool:
  3. Great job bro, thanks for all the updates :)
  4. Great Job mate
  5. cheers mate!
  6. fenomenal,me encanta

  7. Very nice. :) Thanks again.
  8. Great job, thx!
  9. Thanks for ALL of your great work. Your talent and hard work are greatly appreciated :)
  10. Great job with the colour of the runoffs, but the walls should have the same darker shade of blue.

    This is the accurate "Valencia Street Circuit" logo, if you want to replace it. It would be white letters on blue background, I can vectorize it, change the colours and do a high-res version if you want: