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Porsche Posse (LIVE)

V8 Supercars @ Eastern Creek - Monday June 13th 2011

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Adam Eggbeer, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    (Flyer courtesy of Can Ozcelik)

    Server name: RACEDEPT.COM V8 CLUB
    Mod: V8Factor Unleashed Beta V0.9 + 2010 Unleashed Season Add-On (Download links are at the bottom of each of the posts)
    Track: Eastern Creek

    19:00 GMT: Practice
    19:30 GMT: Qualification
    19:40 GMT: Warm-up
    19:45 GMT: Race (2x20 minutes, BTCC-esque Second Race Reverse Grid (See Note 1 for details))

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here


    1. A reverse grid will be used to determine the grid for race 2 based on the system currently in use for BTCC. The amount of cars to be reversed will depend upon the last digit of the winner's race time and is as follows:

    0 and 1: Top 6 reversed
    2 and 3: Top 7 reversed
    4 and 5: Top 8 reversed
    6 and 7: Top 9 reversed
    8 and 9: Top 10 reversed

    2. The engine upgrades should be left as the manufacturer's engine and not changed to the driver's engine, as the driver's engine upgrade will produce 3-5BHP less than the manufacturer's one.

    3. We are not using the WV8S11 League Mod. Please make sure you have a separate install with the V8Factor Unleashed Base Mod + 2010 Unleashed season add-on which you can find above.

    • Licensed Members are encouraged to share images, videos and race reports in this thread.

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  2. A change to the schedule. Eastern Creek has swapped with Hamilton, so Hamilton will be used on the 27th June.
  3. What lap times will you guys be doing on this circuit? Because im unfamiliar with the circuit and would like to know what times to practice towards before i commit myself and find myself 6 seconds off the pace :p thanks
  4. Turn up and have fun Josh :) Even if you are slow, the best way to learn is from racing with others and learning their lines, etc. :)
  5. Are newbies accepted :confused:
  6. Yes, we welcome people with all levels of experience and ability :)

    Server is up :)
  7. Ooops! I didn't pay attention to the time you guys race.
    I'm on Eastern time. So running in the middle of the day is a no-no for me.

    I hope to be able to find a V8 champ on this side of the world.
  8. I might be late for this one guys. About 10 minutes into Qually maybe. Fingers crossed I make it in time.
    Zero time for preparations for this one :/
  9. 10 minutes into quali is warm up :tongue:

    Hope you can make it though :)
  10. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    Great racing this evening awesome fun :)

    Thx Adam and RD for race.
  11. Mike McGeer

    Mike McGeer

    Thanks RD had a great evening being a Mobile chicane, Anyway practise practise. Great bunch of racers today, Race one and race Two stayed out of the way and tried to play catch up again. The black stuff was not Car friendly for Race two somehow my setting got fuddled up. Thanks Adam for the setup was better than what i had. Will be back next week.
  12. Yeah ... I did made it ! Wohoaaa !
    You should've seen me in my 20 years old Mazda. Well, she's actually '88 so she's a bit older ... and she's touchy about her age. Flew me back home at steady 150 km/h.

    Anyways, I did had no preparation whatsoever for this one. Did raced at this track like 2 years ago, but it was a different version and there weren't that many bumps, so I was feeling like I'll be clearly off the pace. Surprisingly, 4 seconds off the pole sitter wasn't that bad and I had company, even thou I was bound to be dead last in the actual race because I had zero preparation in terms of tire wear and all that good jazz.
    Qually - low 1:32 as far as I remember. Was kinda hard for me to try to get a good lap in and try to figure out my tire pressures and all that stuff meanwhile. I'm fairly pleased with that thou. P9 out of 9 drivers, but nothing to be ashamed of I think.
    Race 1 - Had a decent start, lost Mike down the straight. There was some scuffle up ahead involving Eggbeer, but I think we all managed to clear pass without bumper-rubbing. I tried to be big and scary and jump at few people, but they outrun me with ease and when I was left on my own, I started making mistakes because my tires were gone after just 5-6 laps. I was a bit of a sorry sight, but I was holding onto it. Surprisingly finished 8th because Tony ran out of fuel.
    Race 2 - P2 at the start. I catapulted in front of Tony like a Mad Man and took the lead. The fun only lasted half a lap or so, but I was leading ! He then overtook me after a mistake I made. I tried to jump back at him, did tapped him under braking but he held onto it and nothing looked damaged. Then Adam closed by on me and I did almost the same thing - an error by me let him thru, then I tried to make myself all big and scary in his rear view mirrors, but he didn't budged. I swear I tapped him under braking as well, but he denied it. Funny chap that one. Anyways, eventually the same story from Race 1 repeated. I drifted down the order into 8th and when Mike who was 9th started to catch up on me, my front right tire bursted. I was surprised as hell. There was no contact and my tire just exploded out of nowhere. Had to pit and fix that, but that dropped me down a lap. I came out just behind Adam and had to let Tony and few others pass. Was fun chasing them the last few laps coz unlike them I was on fresh rubber and wasn't making that many errors. Finished 9th and a lap down.
  13. Quali: Good lap to take 3rd.

    Race 1: Slow start and then outbraked myself by miles into turn 2. Took to the grass on the inside to avoid everyone and succeeded despite flying straight across the track. Unfortunately got a stop/go for cutting turn 2. Rejoined in 8th, and got a few places back by end of lap 1. Pitted straight away for the stop/go and came out way out the back (at least I got some data on how much time you lose in the pits for the league race :)). Caught up to Nikola and got past him and then caught up to Mike but he just pipped me to the line. Finished P7.

    Race 2: Started P3 again and got a better start. Nearly did the same at turn 2 despite braking a lot earlier but avoided contact. Nearly passed Nikola at turn 4 but eventually got him a few corners later. Caught up to Tony over the rest of the lap. Got a good slipstream down the straight and took the lead. Opened up a gap before a screen freeze cost me a second. Opened it up to about 2 .5 seconds over Daniel before he closed it right up. On lap 9 I ran slightly wide out of the final turn and nearly spun. Lost the lead but set about chasing it down even though I knew Daniel was quicker. I saw him making mistakes in corners and as a result I was catching. Then at turn 5 on lap 11 he went off the track gifting me back the lead which I kept to the end.

    Thanks for racing :)
  14. Fell asleep and missed the race... :rolleyes: