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V8 Mods for Rf1

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by David.cowley, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. There are a couple of V8 mods out there RSM and COTF2015.
    What are peoples thoughts in regards to these two Pros and Cons
  2. Hi David, I would say that the interiors of the RSM mod are better than the COTF mod. Also, I think that the COTF mod models are too glossy, but the models are better than that of the RSM mod.

    I'm not sure what the material settings were used on the ORSM cars, but to me, the way that car looks (gloss wise) as well as the tyres, rims etc are the best. If we can find out settings for that mod and implemented them to both the RSM and COTF mod it would make them heaps better.
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  3. How did you mix mods to run at the same time?
  4. ....
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  5. Like you Dav said before COTF dont have cockpit so in that part RSM is better , about exterior model not to many diferent both are similar in some way , I recomend to you test those mod and choose which you like more ;)

    You should wait for FVR version, when the mod its finish :D:D
  6. What about there drivability
  7. I can said much about that, but I recomend you test it and get your own opinion about the driving ;)