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V12 Acceleration Behaviour

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Lou Sytsma, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Can someone confirm the V12 top end behaviour in each gear?

    Is it correct that if you get the RPMS into the final power band, it will jump through the last zone and the engine will start to sputter?

    None of the other cars do this.

    It's not too noticeable at Montreal because of the track layout, you never get to wind the car out but take the car to Interlagos 1980 and it's really noticeable and bothersome.
  2. Lazarou


    Not had that issue myself even at flat out parts of a circuit, i've maxed the last gear ratio a few times and not noticed anything.
  3. Hmm thanks. I wonder if it's related to autoclutch being on?

    Just thought of that - I'll test it tonight when I get home.
  4. The problem persists for me with the V12. Tried several tracks and different gear ratios and the rpms jump through the last power band not giving me anytime to shift. In 6th gear the engine stutters like crazy make it impossible to race properly.

    No one else is having this issue?

    Autoclutch - on or off makes no difference. All the other open wheelers do not exhibit this behaviour.

    I've put a replay file here to show what I mean - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71611967/Interlagos Historic TD 26.Vcr
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  5. Nox

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    I'll check it out, but I won't have time today. I'll let you know if I have the same issue.
  6. I downloaded your replay and watched it. Then I went to Interlagos Historic and tested on default settings. Mine works fine. Are you sure the auto gearbox is not switched on? It seems to be trying to change gear but not actually hitting the change point. Failing that, if you are happy that other cars are behaving normally, I would try GSC Synch to see if it finds any faulty files.
  7. Dumb question time - when accelerating does everyone floor it or work the accelerator up gradually? I've always floored it when accelerating.

    PS - thanks Keith and Andrew for your help. Much appreciated.
  8. Huzzah! Mystery solved!

    Some where along the way my controller profile either became the default G27 one or became corrupted. I recalibrated my G27 and the V12 stutter is gone!

    Thank goodness!

    Lesson learned - going to calibrate my G27 before each race.

    (Still weird that the other cars were OK though..)
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