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V1.1 Time Trial Comparison Meter

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by David Hudson, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. This is the meter that shows on a Time Trial to indicate you are ahead/behind your fastest pace.

    I've upgraded to the latest version and have "fiddled" in Settings ==> Display
    with the "Heads Up Display" settings. The comparison meter has now disapeared.
    My current settinmgs for this are:-

    "Heads Up Display" ON
    "Hud Type" Native
    "Dynhud Overlay" Original

    I have tried a few other settings but the comparison meter refuses to show.

    I have just noticed that the Track Position display has gone away too.

    This is with the Mini and Oulton and Brands Hatch.

    Any idea what has happened here?
  2. I have just realised that When I change the setting for Virtula Rear View in Cockpit setting that is not changing either. I guess this may be a v1.1 bug.
  3. That is generally a bug with dynhud... eventually things start disappearing and dont come back. You have to re-validate all files in steam to get them back... It's not this version, dynhud had these bugs from the beginning, and has performance problems, so many people have swapped to gid hud instead... That one does not have delta tho. I personally turned off all the hud and I'm running DashmeterPro on my phone.
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  4. Grid revalidating but the hud is still not working properly. I'll post something on the vendor board.
  5. Shouldn't HUD Type be DynHUD? I think Native is the old SCE-style HUD.

    Unless you've remapped it to something, you should be able to press 8 (not Num-pad 8) and cycle through None•Native•DynHUD.
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  6. Thankyou so much for that :) That was indeed the issue - i needed to set it as DynHUD.
    I was just about to delete and reinstall.