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V-Sync or FPS limiter ??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. I usually use in game fps limiter to limit game's fps to 60 which match my lcd monitor but i notice screen tear a little bit here & there lately; The problem gone with V sync ON but i heard that cause input lag ..

    So any better suggestion ?? i5 4460 + R9 270x here.

    Thanks first
  2. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Too many different hardware setups to blindly trust others :)
    If you only hear that it causes input lag, but you can't witness any
    (or notice any difference no matter if you turn it on or not) then you
    can just ignore what others say.

    I use DxTory to limit my FPS to 120, but just to save some resources :)
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  3. Ok then V sync it is since i dont feel any different with it ON or OFF ..

    By the way if i not mistaken DxTory is a third party recording software right ?? No tear screen ?? Before this I myself tried using Bandicam (another third party recording software) to limit the fps but tear screen is there.
  4. I personally can not use v-sync. If i do i get substantial input lag from my T500RS..... to the point of being undriveable. I use rivatuner to lock my fps at 101. Seems to work really well. :thumbsup:
    i5 4690k 8gb r9 280x 3gb
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  5. I use the in game frame cap at 90, works really well, no tearing whatsoever. I have used the frame cap in rivatuner/afterburner in other titles that have no option to do that in game.
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  6. i lock mine ingame at 65. If i do 60 i get tearing. Anything above 62 i dont get tearing.
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  7. Do you occasionally get lower than 65? I'm trying to determine a good minimum. Tried 66.7 before, now 62, but sometimes (ex. w/ AI) it still dips (per gpu app), so should I still lower my settings until it doesn't go below set frame limit?
  8. In fact i not sure what is input lag .. is it mean the game take too long time to response to what you do ??

    Monitor frequency 90hz ??

    Thats very interesting to know; I like to have a try to do the same :)
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  9. i would get some random stutters depending on whats going on on the track. Like on the starting grid. but it smooths out when traffic clears up. I would lower your settings untill you can maintain over 65. It dips a lot for me during replays though. But thats because I have smoke generation on. Its very demanding in replays.
  10. Yeah.... if i turn my wheel real fast, there is a delay to when the wheel reacts to my input.
  11. Vsync and in-game limiter off - I use afterburner/rivatuner to cap the frame rate externally. It gives me the least input lag.

    edit: 90hz monitor - I cap to 87 which seems to work best for me - ymmv
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  12. Looks like its not necessary set the cap exactly the same with the monitor HZ ya ??

    Guess i learn something new today related to this method :)
  13. Yea, I understand that the controller input relates to fps, so the lower the fps the lower the fidelity. I chose 90 because having read a long article on the subject it was suggested that multiples of 30/60 are ideal for a 60hz monitor. Plus my card can deliver a solid 90 fps at high gfx settings.
  14. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Seems like there's lots of misinformation on what's causing screen tearing.

    "The artifact occurs when the video feed to the device isn't in sync with the display's refresh"

    So if your game runs at exactly 60 FPS and your monitor has a refresh rate of 60, then there never should be any tearing of any sorts.

    I'd basically go out and blame the monitor if you get screen tearing while running at a solid 60 FPS.
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  15. Yeah in theory never should be any tearing if game runs exactly 60FPS with monitor which has refresh rate of 60 but in my case it do happen if i use in game or third party fps limiter software.

    But no tearing at all with V sync ON .. not sure how to explain this :rolleyes:
  16. Im assuming its because even though it says 60 hz its really more like 59.xxx. So no matter what unless its synced it will never be the same exact number. Thats just an uneducated guess though
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  17. One of the reasons that screen tearing can happen at a reported 60fps is that each frame is not delivered in the same time as all the others, as an extreme example if 59 frames are delivered in 3/4 of a second and the 60th frame is delivered in the last 1/4 you still have 60fps but it is not smooth. FPS is cited often as the be all and end all of performance metrics but it is not the whole story by a long stretch.
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  18. Screen tearing hapens when a frame is delivered by the card before the previous frame has been completely rendered, this can happen at any fps, the way to avoid it is by having a consistent frame time that is synced to the monitor refresh rate. The point being that tearing can happen at any fps depending on a lot of other factors. Fps is a fine metric, but it is far from the definitive one.
  19. As weird as it might sound - Both.
    You need both, frame cap and VSync in AC.
    My best setting after 1.2.4 update is 61 fps cap (monitor refresh +1) and Adaptive VSync in NVidia control panel. Tried all other possible combinations, VSync off, frame cap equal refresh rate, frame cap not equal 1, 1.2x, etc, see sticky. None produced better result than cap + Vsync.
  20. Dave Fox

    Dave Fox
    I get there...eventually.

    is the new driver side frame limiter in catalyst of any use compared to these 3rd party apps or game settings ?