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PC V-sync halves my FPS!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Msportdan, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Just got new update doing a field of 17 mercs and with vsync on I get 30fps at the grid! Off I get low 50s.. Ive not had this with the fabarth ive been trying all morning
  2. Turn VSync off. It induces input lag anyway.

    If you have a 60Hz Monitor, you will be getting one of the following frame rates: 15, 30 or 60. Nothing in between.

    In other words, if you get a framerate of between 30 and 59 with VSync off, your framerate will be 30 with it on.
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  3. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    yeah that's strange I almost get 70 odd... Is this to be addresed>
  4. The problem with v-sync off is the screen tear. That is harder to deal with to me than some stuttering and fixed frame rates. I run an nvidia so are you suggesting that I turn off vsync all together. In the nvidia tools and AC? Is there a solution for the tearing.

    Im kinda shocked that my 16GB of Ram i7 4770k and dual GTX770's 4GB ram cant handle this game on mid to high settings. Meaning usually I dont get 60+ frames

    What track were you using?

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  5. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    happenened on Silverstone and nurburgring
  6. Weird, initially you said you get low 50's:

    Anyway, with it off, it won't be in the 30's.

    I never run Vsync, the input lag is way worse than any tearing I've seen. Input lag is a no-no for something like sim racing.
  7. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    I always use vSync in all of my sims, best way to assure smooth graphical performance (60FPS locked). I cannot feel ANY input lag and I have specifically focused on testing for that (Thrustmaster TX and T3PA pedals).
  8. If you have an Nvidia card enable Adaptive Vsync in the Nvidia Control Panel.
    Turn vsync off ingame! now you get an gradual change in fps instead of jumping from 60fps to 30fps and back you get 60 and gradually down and up again.

    Work great for me!
  9. Unfortunately input lag is there, on every game with Vsync on. It's a day and night difference.
    I also love smooth graphical performance and it makes games easier to play but only thing we can do is wait for AMD and Nvidia to release their new monitors that will provide no input lag with vsync on (amd's freesync and nvidia's gsync).

    That said there is a cool trick you can do if you want to compromise 1fps.
    With vsync enabled limit your fps to 59 - this will ensure no tearing and no input lag but the trade off is the "smoothness" loss since you are locking to 59fps (on 60hz monitor).
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  10. Yeah, hope the new G-Sync monitors are coming to the market soon.
    But in my opinion the horrible tearing and microstutters are mutch worse especially in AC and many other sims without Vsync. Best compromise in AC for me is "adaptive Vsync" with "triple buffer on" and "frames per second set to 0 or 1" that does the trick here, i have almost no inputlag and a fluid picture without microstutters.

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2014
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  11. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium Member

    If you have v sync on but you don't actually reach 60 fps it will lock at 30, so this is normal behaviour.
  12. I have to say i followed the advice of guys in this thread and the assetto corsa guide. Turned off v-sync. I'm much happier with the game. Being able to turn off vsync and set a fps limit is great. No input lag, and no tearing. I had my cake and ate it too
  13. Stad is correct, no need for vsync in this game, set frame limit to 90,or whatever suits you and you're good to go. I run vsync on most games but not this one, turn it off and don't look back )
  14. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium Member

    I don't run vsync in any game, it is only good if you have tearing.
  15. Absolutely, I have an SLI setup, which means I quite often get tearing in games, not an issue in AC for me. It does seem to have other issues with SLI though such as the fact I have to set shadows to high to get SLI working properly, also if I don't set Glare quality and Effects quality to maximum in post processing then I lose a lot of frames too. Weird. I seem to have to play around with the graphics settings a lot after each update.
  16. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium Member

    Usually nvidia also does driver optimisation for new games, but since AC is still in beta you don't have this pro yet either, sli will work fine when the game is 1.0!
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  17. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves
    Premium Member

    They did some very minor optimizations a while back just to get it playable, but nvidia never spend any time on games that haven't fully released yet, not even much bigger titles.