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Using Manual Trans when using a Pad - My recommendation

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. I have reecently read a few times people stating that they find using Manual quite hard when using a pad (as to what pads they mean im not 100% about)


    I used to play Forza all the time with a friend using a pad and F12010 for a month before switching to a wheel. At no stage did i ever go down the Auto route. I found Manual easy and the reason for this is because i used the following button setup, my mate loved it aswell. Ok.... this may not be for everybody and if your going to give this a go it may take practice but it definataly works a treat.

    Accererate - Right Trigger
    Brake - Left Trigger
    Gear Up - Left Button (LB)
    Gear Down - Right Button (RB)

    So ie... your always changing gear in theory with the opposite hand that is either accelerating or braking at the time so no multitasking with the same hand.

    Just something to think about as this always worked well for me and even though it was a pad it still felt like a paddle shift transmission :)
  2. Hmm... a potential problem could be remembering which side is used for upshifting and which is used for downshifts. I think it's been in my subconscious for so long now that my right hand is used for throttle and left is used for brakes. I will probably have to switch it when I get a wheel.

    Thanks anyway, I'll give it a go.
  3. It would work for a lot of people, but I find multi-tasking easier.
    Always did.
  4. ive only ever used a ps2 or 3 controller and i have had many different setups but the one i like most is R2 gas L2 gas and use the right stick for shifting but pulling the stick down is shift up and pushing up is shift down. in gt5 i have it so left on the right stick is e brake and right on the right stick is reverse. all things you would do with you right hand in a real car. at least in america.
  5. I'm one of the people saying I find it hard, and that's actually something I'd considered. I'll certainly give it a try given the recommendation.
  6. Simple muscle memory has helped me...

    Since playing Forza 3 (way too much) on manual, B to change up and X to change down is natural!
  7. My only problem with manual is in MP, I hate shifting down to go in reverse.
  8. I've given it a try and so far I'm enjoying the extra challenge. It did take some getting used to obviously. I'm currently at Monza in my career and am coping well with it, but it's probably one of the easiest tracks to learn it on though; that's probably a bad thing!

    Goodness knows what will happen at Singapore next. :confused:
  9. yeh if your not use to that setup it will defo take a bit of getting used to lol.

    I always found manual annoying with pads and hated using the XY buttions etc... thats when i decided to invert some settings and go with what i have reccomended. Took a while but when i got used to it it started to feel so natural and i couldnt go back to anything else.

    Now using the wheel i use right paddle to upshift and left to downshift (the norm) but with the pad somehow managed to get my brain to think the opposite way round was natural. I think it helped coz i always knew that if i was using one hand to do something ie... accelerate then it would have to be the other hand that does the upshifting.. and vice versa.

    Saying that my mate Bob that came over quite a bit and hated the way i done it and kept changing my settings. Grrr