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use gpu problem in games

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by mathdels, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. hello all, here is my problem.
    from the beginning on f1 2010, my gpu (GTX285) works only 60% in games, and rises 100% to the load circuit, the sudden I just wondering if you also have the same problem.
    knowing that the same graphics engine that Dirt2 and that it does not ca.
    you have a solution or explanation?
  2. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    After the patch and with Ultra settings the load of my GTX260 went from 60 to 99%.
  3. yes I too am 99% everywhere except pandant races in games gpu load drops to 55/60%, you can check your running load gpu please
    I have more a difference of 15 fps when I play against the clock and the same circuit mod cariere or I lose about 15fps, why? if not in the paddock and loading before the races I am at 99% gpu since the patch, but I fall race at 60 %?????
  4. my gforce 470 work inside a game at 40%.... 25Fps....

    On a menu work at 99% = 120Fps
  5. yes it is exactly that, but how to set problem though I looked everywhere on the net, no solution except that (in my documents / my games / formula one / hardwaresettings / open file "hardware_settings_config" and added the following line: <track_info_system type="cpu" /> just above the last.
    what should you give this:

    <track_info_system type="cpu" />
    </ Hardware_settings_config>

    I think there's better now that if I am serious delirium

    here is the link:
  6. for those of you like me fps problem, I just completely uninstall F1 2010 and the savegames, pui I reinstall the game, apply the patch 1.01, I apply the mod Truelight Darker Ver 2.08 final postprocess No Blur some car hd, all graphics and ultra aax8 I now earn 15 to 20 fps everywhere, no problem, the gpu in game goes up to 75% without a problem, you play

    mod truelight 2.08 final :the best ,thank Gl4dia70r