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Upload file size and no external links?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by chargingcar, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Hi Guy,s
    Thought I would create this thread based the New Rd,s file structure and lack of external links,
    For starters could a member of AC Staff please clarify why the new system was implemented and why you thought that a 300mb limit was satisfactory ?,
    And why has someone decided to take away external upload link,s as this is my main concern,
    And I only found out when I uploaded my 100th mod and then had to split it into 4 parts?
    I would have at least maybe understood if standard accounts was capped at 300mb and premium customers like myself who happily donated to RD had a 500mb cap for example,

    This would have been slightly better in my opinion but still I would have asked these questions as its now bothering me ,
    After I purchased a Pro-MediaFire account to enable myself to proudly upload links with a file size of upto 20GB,
    Now I can not downgrade my account because of the amount of data that I have used and in doing so I would have to update more than 33% of my mods on RD,
    And I am sure that I was not the only person that this as effected on the modding side of things.

    I am pleased that you migrated the server to improve racedepartment as a whole and the new 1mb limit on upload pictures is a massive improvement from the original 200k enabling us to have a much better experience on the quality side of things,
    It is just hard for myself to understand why someone decided to take away the external links?
    Without at least giving the community some understanding on how and why this was deemed to be a good idea as myself think its ridiculous in doing so,
    Please create a super premium account or something to at least allow some users in the community to upload external links this would be understood slightly but still confusing to take in,

    Uploads of 1GB Should be standard practice but my 2014 ultimate realizm mod could at least be used in someway even uploaded in 4 parts ,
    But some of the community does not understand how to install complex mods , I am a firm believer on trying to make things as simple as possible for the community , This is why I personally do not change anything in the games structure that would cause someone not to play online or corrupt there saved game. ??? :O_o:
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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    In short:
    • too many external files have been removed over the course of years. hosting files ourselves allows us at least to secure mods for the future
    • 300 mb is 3x more than you will find on other simracing sites and lets be honest 99,99% of the mods never reach that size. Yet, 300mb is a placeholder and in the near future we can even upscale.
    we see it more as a nice service but as always we can't please everybody of course, which is fine. ;)
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  3. its also fine with me would have just been nice to upload the 2014 Ultimate realizm mod after spending months updating it only to find out that I can not upload the link:O_o:
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  4. I Have just been looking at a F1 2014 Mod and its ok saying that we can not have external links to downloads but why are people allowed to use external links to photos?
  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    ...because screenshots are not as important as the files themselves, maybe? Some people, like you, never cease to amaze me, seriously.

  6. Its ok I am not uploading no more mods :sleep: