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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by mmpaw37, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. UPDATED: Top of helmet more 'Aligned'.

    Hi everyone!,

    This is Sebastian Vettels 2013 helemt that he used during the first race of the 2013 season.

    Instructions included with file although i'm sure you all know how to install!.

    By the way, there are no pics as i don't have PSP or relevant software to do a 3d preview, so if anyone can help me out to show the helmet it would be most appreciated!.


    P.S. Top of helmet is now more aligned however, again without the proper software its near on impossible to get perfect.
    Anyway, I hope this is much more to your liking!.

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  2. Thank You!Good work!
  3. Thanks, i will check it!
  4. Here's some previews: (edit: I only made these quick 3d previews, if you like the helmet then like the top post by mmpaw37)
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  5. I could only upload the pics in the game ! Is that enough?
    f1_2012 2013-03-24 21-53-30-69.jpg f1_2012 2013-03-24 21-53-39-66.jpg f1_2012 2013-03-24 21-53-47-13.jpg
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  6. Congratulations bro!, you made it perfect!
  7. PERFECT !!! Thank you very much !!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments, much appreciated!

    Again, its not totally perfect on the top alignment but again, I don't have the software at the moment.

    I like it anyway and I hope you all do too!

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  9. Really nice work mmpaw. Thanks man.
  10. Great Job! Perfect! ;-) Ahh... you don't like made a Helmet of Antonio Felix da Costa? Please... help... :'-(
  11. Awesome job! Thanks!
    One question:
    Will it replace only Seb's Helmet or will it replace Seb's and one gen_xx helmet?
  12. Just Seb's helmet mate!
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  13. Nice helmet, mmpwaw37! I would like it even more if you made it available to use in Career mode too ( make one gen_xx helmey, like Joe said before ).
  14. I could that very easy however, I would only supply the gen file. The problem with the helmet selection image is that if I gave you my file, it would overwrite your file and cause problems if you have any other career helmets. If you have only the default F1 2012 helmets in the career helmet selection list then it would be not problem.
  15. Simply open which gen you want to replace this with ryder pssg editor then simply import the dds of the helmet into the gen file.
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  16. Thanks for the reply, w1n1x!
  17. It must be because they might not know how to edit with pssg editor.