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Update v1.02 PS3

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MARS3300, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Just turned on the game at 11:59 EST USA and the update is available. Let's get to it..Patch#2!
  2. It just so happens, 3 hours ago I was racing at Nurburgriing, in the rain, and no one was pitting to change full rains at the half way point, except me. Mine were red after 10 laps of a 50% race. This is my biggest complaint. My other gripe was the poor graphics with the tires in cockpit view, it is now a little better. No stutter in video when leaving the pits. The wet is a little more slippery. And, they restored the different race lengths. Good job so far.
  3. Hi all; did three races after patch; one in the wet and two dry. the grip level seems to be more like 2010 which I like in both wet and dry. picture is way better on the ps3 with good frame rate and no shutter. The AI's are not as fast in the wet, so that seems to be fixed as well. So far so good. the only thing i miss is the timer that runs for the entire lap. Will have to see what other people think about patch#2 . So far, game is better. By the way i hav'nt been online yet..........will do that next and see......;)