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Update 2015?

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by shahzad, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Codemasters Not 2015 Car Update yet
  2. The cars have been updated with the day 1 patch. Not sure what you are talking about.
  3. i think he means for the season, but of course the season has been on hiatus.
  4. williams car are not red and blue strip
  5. It was like that in F1 2014 as well. They cannot advertise Martini in the game as it's an alcoholic brand, which is not allowed by PEGI 3 as the game is classifieds for kids to use too.

    Basically, it's not a bug, it's a feature.

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  6. Yet to have in-season updates.. Doubt we will. And the state the game is in, god help us if they add more content.
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  7. again, what would they update. since the game was released there's only been the hungarian GP.
  8. well they dont have the new force india nose, manor livery, mclaren nose etc etc
  9. we need the updates
  10. big patch today --

    Hi all,

    We just set live a new patch for F1 2015 including the below fixes.

    • Fixed AI always pitting on the same lap as their team mate
    • Fixed some instances of cars getting stuck in the pit lane
    • Fixed infrequent crash in the pit lane
    • Fixed car resetting to track when using flashback in the pit lane
    • Fixed instances of the pitting strategy not always updating correctly
    • Fixed fuel changes not saving correctly when changed under parc fermé conditions
    • Fixed various errors with the damage, fuel and temperature swipe
    • Fixed game stutter when the player takes control of an AI-driven car
    • Fixed AI cars having punctured tyres in P2 and P3 sessions in Pro Season mode
    • Fixed identical weather being used for all practice sessions in Pro Season mode
    • Fixed game resuming instantly when backing out of replay
    • Fixed flickering on track reflections in wet weather on high graphics settings
    • Fixed objects popping when playing with multi-monitor and wide screen setups
    • Added ability to adjust camera and field of view settings
    • Fixed McLaren 2015 car’s gear paddles glowing orange under braking
    • Added ability to delete car setups
    • Added a new “invite only” custom match option
    • Added push to talk functionality for voice comms
    • Improved session joining speed through the multiplayer hoppers.
    • Reconfigured hoppers to give one hopper per difficulty setting
    • Updated feature race to Belgian Grand Prix
    • Fixed players with invalidated lap times being shown as in 1st place during one shot qualifying sessions
    • Fixed grid order being incorrect after one-shot qualifying session if players had invalidated their lap times
    • Fixed several instances of players failing to start a session after other players have left the game
    • Fixed race start timer increasing whenever a player joins a hopper lobby
    • Fixed players acquiring another player’s points when joining a session mid-season
    • Fixed saved lobby settings not loading in correctly
    • Fixed players not joining hopper lobbies correctly from some game modes
    • Fixed car body not loading in correctly in some multiplayer race
    • Fixed multiple incorrect fastest lap notifications being displayed during online practice sessions
    • Fixed vote to skip track being used multiple times in lobbies
    • Added notifications for players retiring during a multiplayer session
    • Various other bug fixes and improvements

    Please note that voice command support is still being developed, and is expected to be delivered in a later update.

    As ever thank you for your feedback and support and let us know how you feel about this latest update.
  11. Still not being able to play on multiplayer ever since i brought the game on release day... Might aswell throw the game in bin

    Wished they left the multiplayer alone where you could just enter a lobby you wanted to join instead of this hopper crap