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"Up-Down Top Ranking?"

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Paul Maher, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Apologies to Althea & Donna for the 1970 popular Reggae reference, however...

    I was playing online with some friends last night, just getting a feel for which cars would provide a challenge for a co-op season without being either too near the top or the bottom of the grid, so nothing serious.

    After one of the races where my freind had a couple of drive-through penanlties through youthful exuberance, I'm certain that his ranking had reduced from 5 where it was at the beggining of the race, to 3.

    Is this correct, and will we find that trangressions on the track in multi-player will effect our standings?

    If so then what a brilliant way to promote good driving and ensure that the numpties who insist on ramming everyone off the track like its banger racing will not progress to the higher rankings. If you can now specify which ranks are allowed to join your MP session, then with some due care an attention we should be able to leave these morons behind?

    Either that, or I need a trip to specsavers, or the ranking system's broken... Hope not! :rolleyes:

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  2. yer i was on there last night and dropped down from 21 to 18 because i got 2 drive through pens for overtaking people riding the apex of the curbs
  3. there's another thready on this forum covering the exact same thing, but yes you lose XP

    I was level 28 and lost about 100xp (1 level) per race I did not come in first, it's not just from crashing that you lose XP

    So instead of thinking of it as experience points think of it as a ladder position, if you keep winning you keep going up, if you're a mid field runner (me most of the time) you will bounce around and eventually level out.
  4. @ John Robertson: Apologies for double threading, but my Forum Search says its disabled ATM for some reason.

    Do you have a link to the other thread?

  5. It's a good idea to have the ranking system, but it definitely has to be revised. I've been rank 13 twice now and through stupid corner cut penalties i've had to start from rank again. Hopefully this new patch I've heard about can address some of the issues.
  6. Cheers John, much appreciated *Thumb's up*
  7. I had to dig back to page 5 for that xD
  8. It's good in some respects, but unfortunately I've only had it work against me.

    For punting someone off the track, you lose 5 XP.
    For not completing your objective, you lose 100 XP.

    So as the assistless victim of bad driving, I'm left struggling to get the car back on track / facing the right way etc and lose 100 XP
    The assisted driving moron who runs me off the track simply glides through the gravel at a cost of 5XP but the chance to win the race for big XP bonus.

    Can't see me doing many sprint races this year!