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Up a creak without a paddle(s)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by geefin, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping a kind soul can supply some advice. I've been around this forum and the web and seen some stunning F1 wheel replicas. I've built a few wheels myself but for my own racecars - nowhere near as complex (or as pretty!) as the F1 wheels I've seen here but useful and functional in a motorsport sense. I'm starting a new project and I want to build an F1esque wheel for the car, to this end I'm fitting paddles for the shift system. However, I can't find the style of paddle I'm looking for in the motorsport arena, to add to that the ones you do find there are ridiculous money - usually 500UKP or so for a couple of microswitches.

    I was tempted to just buy an off-the-shelf gaming wheel and rip out the paddleshift mech but again, I haven't found one I like the look and feel of yet.

    The F1 replica wheels I've seen have the style of mechanism I'm really looking for but I can't find where to purchase them - I only really need the switchgear/paddles. Can a helpful person point me in the right direction?

  2. Almost everything about those wheels will be custom made, simply because that is usually the case with F1 wheels anyway. The only standard parts are mandated by the FIA :p

    There are some options when it comes to shifting, for example I believe mercedes had one solid shifter (with a pivot in the middle), ferrari does so as well but this is a flexible carbon fibre part.

    As for a standalone mechanism, something like this?
  3. Something like that would be ideal... are they able to purchase? I'm after the individual type like that, rather than the single, central pivot type...
  4. Sure thing :)
  5. Hi Tom,

    I just found and contacted them this morning funnily enough! Thanks :)

    William, could you PM me a price?

  6. Charlie's work is top notch without question :)

    I saw what he did and it looks we have the same inspiration :)



    inspiration for me atleast :)
  7. Can these paddle shifters be incorporated into the G27?

    I'm torn between saving for a new wheel or just modding my G27 with a momo rim plus button plate and paddle shifters (never liked the G27 metal paddles).
  8. If you look at both Charlies' and mine, you'll see two sets of hole patterns. 1 is the standard 70mm diameter for momo, omp and sparco wheels (and many more), the other is a 50mm pattern for quickreleases which you can fit onto your g27 for example. For that to work, you would require an additional adapter to fit the split part of the quickrelease on the g27 base.

    What wheelbase the topicstarter is using would be good to know as well :)
  9. Hi William,

    I'm going with a Momo 27C, will be using either the Lifeline or SPA quick release (wired) hub - I'll need all 12 wires given the buttons, display, paddles and alarms unless I can figure some way to multiplex the signals (beyond my electronic knowledge)..

    Torn between putting a Race Technology Dash4 (likely as it's just 4 wires - 2 of which will be the common 12v and ground) on there or the Zada Tech 3.2" TFT for the display, along with an Ecliptech sequential shiftlight mechanism - I really wanted to use the SLI Pro display, as it's a carbon copy of the McLaren PCU-6D which the GT/F1/pro teams use and costs 1,000s but Leo has said the SLI can't work on car applications :(

  10. No problem, I 'm using my wheel and shifter on a G27
  11. Simon, I stand corrected :)