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Unrealistic tmes in Legend?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cueceleches, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    I´m actually racing at Spa with Williams, 1st season. At first, I used to race in Legend mode, but throughout the races, I´ve noticed how unrealistic P times and Q times were compared to real life. Way to fast. So now, I set P1, 2 and 3 as well as Q to Professional, with times much closer to the real thing, and for races I go back to Legend, as I see the differences are not as huge during races. Nevertheless, I fell a bit disturbed, as it feels like cheating a bit, even though I know from my point of view it is more realistic... Has it happened to you? What do you think about that?
  2. When you play Singapore you will see the timings of 1:35:xxx in legend in Q3 which was way too faster and way tooo unrealistic from Real life
  3. actually 10 seconds faster...
  4. Why don't you just want to have competetive laptimes instead of simulating reality, if it isn't challenging?

    Basically F1 2011 is not a sim, it as a recreation of the F1 2011 season, therefore laptimes and much else isn't near the reality.
  5. But it should be ^
  6. Then what's the Need of taking the official license from FOM
  7. I agree. It's stupid to see the info on the monitor in the garage showing the fastest recorded lap for the track, and then by the end of the race P1-P5 have all broken the record. :rolleyes:
  8. I know I just finished a no-assists race against legend AI at Montreal and I was really flying but my fastest lap was still a more than a second off the AI's fastest lap of 1:12.5 in a Red Bull. In a Ferrari I did a 1:13.6.

    At the actual Canadian Grand Prix this season, Vettel got pole with a 1:13 and the fastest lap of the race was Button's with a 1:17. Even with me doing unrealistic times with no-assists I was still crushed by incredibly unrealistic times by the AI.
  9. Dont forget that in real life the drivers have a slight level of fear which isnt replicated in the games which means they dont push as hard as you would playing the game, therefore they have to make the AI faster than real life so that you dont just fly off into the distance
  10. That is very true. I also race with a degree of fear though. I don't allow myself restarts and I do 50% races so it's imperative that I not find myself in the grass. I end up being very conservative through corners to make sure I don't have a single crash the whole 35 laps, and I'm sure you know that without assists that is quite difficult. Yet even so I'm doing laps 4 seconds quicker than than the quickest in real life. And the best AI laps are more than a second quicker than that. I think the best explanation is that Codemasters have arcade leanings and are not trying to emulate the real thing exactly. But then if that's true, and they're trying to make an easily playable arcade game rather than a simulator, one would think they would give us slower lap times as racing slowly is easier.
  11. really? i have over 2+ seconds on both pace and Q on Legend AI on my first season with Force India....wow.
  12. thats because in the game you have abit too much mechanical grip . still better than f12010 when there was no grip. now just have to fnd the compromise and you have the right grip
  13. considering you'd gain several positions by the end of first lap, it's ok. so when you start the 2nd lap you'll probably be at a "realistic" position.
  14. Does anybody has a solution on how to make the AI on Legend slower?
    Maybe if you decrease the virtual performance of every driver might work.
  15. Changing grip makes them slower but that makes Player faster cos game gives Player too much grip and we can have a Complete 1.2 to 2 second advantage over AI
  16. Hi all. I'm new of the forum and I want to give my opinion. Actually I'm in my first season with Force India, no assists, X-Box version with patch 2 installed and x 360 steering wheel. The power of the AI is setted to "Legend" and 50% race. In qualify I can do very well; always placed in Q3, with a 2nd place in Monaco and Canada. The race is another story. The AI is fast! At the beginning of the race, opponents near me in starting grid can run 1,0 sec or more faster than me. Things goes better at the end of race, when my fuel tank was empty. I've noticed, looking at the fastest laps timing table (end of race) that AI can do nearly qualify times at the end of race! Hell, DRS in race in allowed only in certain conditions, the tires have some laps on the shoulders, the fuel mix cannot be always at rich (Usually I Put it in normal)... It seems AI drives always in qualify conditions apart from fuel load. Another unrealistic thingh is how fast is the AI when wet conditions are coming. (or leaving). They can run with slicks when I cannot. Simple. Anyone have same impressions?
    However now I'm at Spa. I think I'll use Legend AI in practice and qualify sessions, and for race turn it to Professional. Maybe, when I will drive a Ferrari, things will go better. Let's see. Thanks all.
  17. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I race at Spa in legend (no assists cockpit view) mode and find it quite realistic.
    I can take pole in a RedBull but maybe P10 in Williams. My PB is a 1:41.
    I have won the race in RedBull but at 3rd attempt. First 2 I was 2nd or 3rd.
    So it was great racing.
    I am more concerned with great racing than with an exact same lap time as real life.

    I agree that fuel load seems to impact AI Less at first but also they dont seem to get low fuel effect, with human driver being penalised at first but getting the edge later. Maybe they are in the middle all the time?

    Also it is well documented that the AI are just way too fast in changeable weather. I can beat them in the wet but on dampening track track they are way too fast on dry tyres. On a wet track becoming dry they struggle as I do and often lap slowly on dry tyres.
  18. David, what is your race pace with a Williams, carrer mode, in Spa? I'm in practice now, with 15 laps fuel, normal fuel mix, hard tires, no drs i can manage to drive around 1'48''000. The best practice time at the moment is 1'45'800....
  19. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I have not recorded that I'm sorry.
    My guess is that Williams is 2 sec slower in quali than RedBull so say 1.43. Then add for primes mix 2 no DRS and fuel. I would guess at about 1:46-47. If I get a chance I will try to check.
    But if you are 2.2 off the top cars with primes and mix 2 and 15 laps fuel thats seems competitive. How are you vs Rubens?
  20. For now (practice 1 with 15 laps of fuel) Rubens at Spa is about 1 sec faster than me (in other circuit about 1 sec slower), but this is not the point. My opinion is that there are circuits where AI are fast (Spa is one of them) and others where they are slow (Monaco), but in all cases, on legend difficult, if you can qualy let's say 2nd, in race you'll have serious problems to stay with the firsts especially at the beginning of the race. As said it seems AI have always DRS on and fuel mix to rich; for this you can sign good time in qualy (where you can use DRS and rich mix freely) but in race you have to go slower (DRS only in certain case and rich mix only for a bit of time otherwise you'll go out of fuel). This is my point of view.