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Unnecessary repair and R&D Objective bug

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sinister_exaggerator, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. I'm near the end of my first season, racing with HRT and I have encountered a few bugs.

    The first, which as far as I can tell has lasted most of the season, is the R&D Objective bug. Every R&D related upgrade past the throttle maps seems to not be applied to my car, even when completing the objective. The game seems to be stuck on the 5.0% rear downforce upgrade. Even when I complete the objective, it does not apply the upgrade to my car, and the next time I have a race with an R&D focus, it is the same upgrade that I am striving for.

    The second, which only cropped up in the last race or two, is that the game seems to think my front wing is damaged, when there is in fact no damage. During practice & qualifying, whenever I pit in it gives me the "repair time 3:xx:xx" message on screen, and more importantly, during races, the pit stop takes the amount of time that would be required for a tire change + front wing swap.

    Does anyone else encounter either or both of these bugs? Is it only with HRT, or do other teams experience it as well?

    Keep in mind that I am playing on the xbox 360, so any user developed patches or program file modifications are useless to me.
  2. well with the r and d, someone explained it to me in another post, but i found it always works is you have to do the r and d the first thing, don't click anything else don't change the tires, load a setup look at the monitor, etc. used to happen to me but since i started doing that it works everytime.

    the repair time does that for any team. only advice i can give is to not crash or not worry about losing three minutes.
  3. I'll try your advice for the R&D objective, as the first thing I usually do is adjust my setup. And the repair time thing only seems to happen occasionally, but it happens whether I crash or not. It wouldn't bother me except for the fact that during races it makes my pit time nearly two seconds longer, which is unacceptable.