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Misc Universal PPF 1.0.1

Post Process Filter for all kind of weather

  1. smurth submitted a new resource:

    Universal PPF - Post Process Filter for all kind of weather

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  2. have registered on racedepartment for this comment, to push your good work.
    THIS ist the right way for me, have self try for many many days to get this look, and now
    i try again to make your work better, perfection is endless ;-), but i am to low
    for a better optimizing, or this is the absolute best possible.
    My Hope now is, that your last Version 1.0.1, is not the realy last version and you find a little tweak to push this better.
  3. Thank you for your support (and welcome to RD :) )
    But what do you mean by "push this better" ?
    You should tell me what's wrong according to you.
    Last edited: May 27, 2016