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Skins United Racing Design - Custom Bayro Skin 1.0

United Racing Design - Custom Bayro Skin

  1. MichelG1984 submitted a new resource:

    United Racing Design - Custom Bayro Skin - United Racing Design - Custom Bayro Skin

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  2. joecronk

    Premium Member

    where do I put that skin in RF2 what file??:)
  3. Joecronk what you should do is open a single player instance of rfactor and select the Bayro car, within the car selections there is the option to create a alternative livery and folder, you should select both.

    Then go to your rFactor2 folder within your documents ( assuming that you have rFactor installed default)


    Within that folder a alt.dds file should be created, now rename the download skin also to alt.dds and copy paste it within the folder.

    Then when going back into rfactor and you select the alternate skin for the Bayro you should see the downloaded skin.

    Hope it helped!
  4. joecronk

    Premium Member

    thank you that works great,Happy Happy!!