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Uninstall RSRBR2011

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Matt555, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys! I'm not a computer geek,so i have a strange question.
    How exactly uninstall RSRBR2011?
    When i click on the rsrbr file,there is only installation option.
    Thank you for the info guys...
  2. You do it the same way as uninstalling other programs through Control Panel.
    The specific method to get to the uninstall through Control Panel may depend on which ver of Windows you have.
  3. Thank you Warren for the quick response....
    I have Win7 by the way.
    Do i have to uninstall updates, car packs too with the rsrbr???? Or just enough rsrbr?
    I'm asking these things cause,i want to know if i want to try diff setup with my wheel,because it's response too sensitive for my turns.
  4. In Win 7, you go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, then scroll down to your RSRBR installation and double click it to remove it. If you installed the Full Car pack, you may have an option to uninstall it too (but I doubt you need to do that).

    Not sure why you want to uninstall RSRBR to adjust your Steering response though. :confused: You can change your wheel, it's response times and settings from within your standard RBR without having to uninstall RSRBR. Just launch the game from your default RBR icon or you can launch the default RBR by using "Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE" from within RSCenter.
    Then you just go to Options, Controllers, make your changes, and save them. They will then work in RSRBR normally. Make sure to change the Controller Settings under the Mulligatawny Pfofile though, or they won't apply in RSRBR.
  5. Because i saw it somewhere( i don't know where)
    That i have to setup my wheel or controller right for my driving style before installing rsrbr.
    Because after if i want to change the wheel or controller setup i can't do it just if uninstall rsrbr and reinstall it.
    So...that info could be wrong then.
  6. That was definitely wrong info.

    I have changed my Controller and altered Controller Settings often after installing RSRBR.

    Just do it via the procedures in my previous post. :thumb:

    You can still run your default RBR after installing RSRBR if you ever want to.