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Understanding and tweaking RD setups

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jure Skraba, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I was always wondering how one could actually achieve good results with setups downloaded from RD site, since most setups use symmetrical settings and are quite like Default Setup, but tires wear is mostly unequal. Namely, I always manage to warm and worn one tire more than the other and when this setup would be "ideal", this shouldn't be happening.

    So, my question is, whether my driving style (braking, cornering,...) is in question (wrong) or are those setups available on RD site only starting point and should one spend more time tweaking them to achieve better results.

  2. Asymmetrical is better by default, you'll always have more wear on one side of the car, but I guess most people do the symmetrical because it's faster (or, in case of GT Legends, symmetrical is the only option).

    Haven't tried any Race setups here, but I guess most fall in the "that'll do" category :). Tweak away.
  3. Will try a short answer version for this… :redface:
    First a small clarification regarding my text below; Balanced setup doesn’t imply symmetrical setup… it is balanced from the driving point of view. With “easy- balanced setup” I mean “quick and easy to control” setup for a race. I can do a fast setup that is so hard, and the car is so tight that at minimum distraction, there it goes… :tongue:
    A few things to have in mind:

    • Most people play very short to short races (under one hour), which means that the time needed to develop a balanced-easy setup usually doesn’t pay-back (in a time cost-benefit way).

    • It’s a game, also a simulation, but a game nevertheless… So with so many different controllers & FFB settings, people get way with almost anything regarding setup “abuse” (“abuse” = A setup that feels good but has no RL dynamics logic behind it).

    • Most setups on-line (or in RD) are made for speed-quick lap aim, or even for time-attack (no fuel, most tyre physics are off and so on), so no need to balanced it much, if it blows, just press esq. and start again… :wink:

    • Another thing to have in mind is that many people (not me) like the late 90’s early 21 century computer designed tracks. These circuits are many times balanced (left-right) stop & go circuits, meaning that a asymmetrical setup might not be needed here (at least much less than in an "natural" 50's - 60’s race tack :D)
    As for myself, far from an example or representing the average player, when I have time (rarely in the last few months) I develop asymmetrical setups.
    By order of how easy is to setup, the easiest part is the camber & tyre pressure (4 different settings for the 4 different wheels), next is the springs (softer-more grip on one side, for instances a track with 75% one side turns), than the height, last are the dampers… The dampers (mainely in an asymmetrical way) are hard to setup in a simulation since there is less feedback here than in RL. Very few people, including me, go very far from what is the default setup in this regard. Obviously for the above, time is needed... when we lack it, a symmetrical setup will do nicely :wink:
  4. I work towards a race setup in the same way that João does, but maybe I adjust the dampers sooner depending on the speed of & at, the weight transfer takes place in corners... Using your slow damper settings (rebound and compression) on a track that has high speed left to right type of corners, tends to induce high speed drifts (and complete loss of rear grip) and so I increase the Slow a lot to stabilise the car. A good track to test this effect would be Vairano 2010... Other tracks are more hard straight line braking and then into the corner which induce a lot less slow damper work and therefore can be set faster (lower number). At the same time reducing the steering lock reduces the twitchy behavior too.

    Try the great Race2Play setup tool that is available. You may not have time to use this tool every race but it will help you understand how many of the settings effect the car and therefore help you make faster quick setups....
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I don't post any setups anymore because i hardly play the game nowadays. But I know that myself, Attila Domjan and lot's of other with "quite" some experience in the game always posted two types of setups:

    - Qualification Setup
    - Race Setup

    So I don't understand the comment that you only find time trial setups here at RD because I think its the best setup library for the RACE Series you can get made by people that do know the game. Especially compared with the junk that people share online.
  6. Thanks for all the tips, you listed here. I think they will come very useful.

    I was not trying to imply that RD setups are only suitable (or made specifically) for TA, what I was trying to point out is that I don't understand, how one like you or Atilla or any other "Pro" on RD can set such a good times and all I'm doing is burn rubber - I was actually wondering if there's anything wrong with my driving style, since I can't set times with "Pro" setups. I don't expect those setups are everything when driving, but they should (at least at one small percentage) help to achieve better times on track.
  7. Interetied in this Gunthar, how does it work
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Laptimes are 99% done by driving and 1% setups. They will not make you seconds faster, however a good setup that you feel comfortable with can make you run fast laps consistent.

    If you need any help with driving or understanding simracing techniques, then have a look at this thread as it has helped a lot of drivers in the past.
  9. Setups are so peronal. Some people like there car with abit oversteer or alot. And for me personal i like my car abit understeery.
    So the best thing is that you learn how to make setups and know what happens if you change something. Also you need to know what kind of driver you are and what your style is. :)
    But you offcourse can use someone else its setups as a base (like for example the gear ratio.)
  10. I'm looking forward to those race driving schools since I was unable to catch any of those organized in the past.
  11. http://www.race2play.com/special/setup_tool

    download and run... then do laps enter in data and go from them... requires time, but gives great results...
  12. It would be a great tool if you can load the I2pro data in it :) Are there such programs?