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PC Unbelievably intense battle for the lead online. Big respect for the guy I was racing.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Jelinski619, Jul 12, 2015.



    After a great start put me in 3rd place, I found myself in 2nd by the end of lap one when the chap in 2nd dropped it in Becketts. So began the chase.

    I caught 1st place pretty quickly and spent the rest of the race dicing with him on the ragged edge. Credit to him though - I couldn't find a way through. I tried the inside, I tried the outside, I tried cutting underneath, I tried the dummy, I tried the surprise. Nothing worked.

    I think I was just quicker in the places where it didn't really count. He seemed to be able to accelerate out the corners a little better than me whilst I was quicker in the high speed corners where it's difficult to overtake.
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  2. nice. that 10min 10s tho haha
  3. What an exciting race, shame about the spin off at the end.
    How nice to see great sportsmanship on your part.
  4. I guess it was just a combination of frustration, a lack of talent and shot tyres.
  5. That was a great battle.