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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by kesmit, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. I look at all the set ups here but use my own with variations from this site. My settings can be faster than the ones here but when i go on time trail i just can not believe the time of the cars. I tried to follow the ghost car of the top time but after the first corner on any track i was between 1-1.5 seconds behind to me this is unbelievable. Ive mentioned this to my mates who are also good drivers and they have said the same. By the way im talking about the xbox360 times. If these times are correct i would like to see their set ups posted and many others would as well
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why do people always think speed comes from setups and not the driving skills.
  3. Between awesome settings and average settings, there is around 0.5s per lap. The rest is only driving skill ;)
  4. How's this for unbelievable?
    Pfendti is #1 on TT at Melbourne with a 1.14.xxx So I load his ghost to race him and get some insight.
    His first sector time was 6.960!! He's up 21 seconds on me in the first sector? Please just try and tell me there's not a bug there!!
  5. if your on xbox check out Bahrain the guy on top is 6 or so seconds off Schumachers WR of 1:30 when you load his ghost to race against his ghost aint there i dunno if he cheated or not but he has no other times on any other tracks
  6. Setups in F1 2010 were never meant to be a big deal, Codemasters stated that the cars come setup for each track and changing settings will only be minor tweaks. In general for almost all the tracks the fastest setup is the one with lowest downforce. I've used the engineer low downforce preset for almost all the tracks and the setup/balance is great, so i never really saw any need to tweak things.

    If you want to be fast in F1 2010 (or in any game, or in real life) the most important thing is to learn the car and learn the track.

    Lastly, there are people using grip mods/hacks to allow them to drive alot faster and thus cheat their way onto the time trial boards, driving aids are also aloud and i believe traction control is meant to make you faster.
  7. This (online ghosts) problem is in every CM racing game. People cheat somehow and the leader board just take them anyway.
    I understand when some people try to defend the game (or the records) by saying you have to learn, etc. But sometimes those times are very unrealistic and no matter how much of a great driver are you, you will never beat those times.
    I am sure that Bram is a great driver, but please, be realistic too, you can't just answer like you did; I know you are the administrator, and because of that, you should know that most of the records online are hacked times, specially when those records are in CM games, which happened since they have the thing online.
  8. To be fair, a lot of people put driving speed down to the setups, when really the setups mean nothing if you're not a fast driver. I remember competing in FVA in the warmup round, i thought i was going fast, it looked fast, hell i was as fast as felipe massa, but there were guys setting times 1 second faster, and people are still finding more time.

    You would be surprised at how fast some people can be, the really experienced and talented guys will make the average guy who thinks he is fast look silly.

    The original post is using setups as a factor in speed, where in F1 2010 it is the least most important factor, but yeah there are people cheating, but i think its obvious those who are.
  9. When you see a time that it 4 seconds (for example) faster at the top of the board, then for sure I know its not real. Its a hacked or cheated time.
    Look further down and see what the rest are doing. There is your fastest time.

    If you want to be very cool, then leave the help off, then your driving, not the CPU!

    As far as thinking your fast goes then this is my theory
    'We all think we are pretty Cool & Groovy (deep inside if your truethful to yourself) and going fast, until you come accross someone who IS, then you understand how much more you still have to learn...'

    (and how much better your lap could be.....)
    : )
  10. On ps3, I get like 20 messages a day of people asking for my setup and some even willing to pay for it. All the tracks I did I just used dry setup. Recently, I started to adjust the gears to not git the limiter so soon on straights on some tracks. Thats all! If you cannot set a time within at-least a second from the fastest time you never will. A setup won't magically put you in top 10!
  11. And this was on the PS3 leaderboard.. very interested to know how this guy cheated.. on PC I can understand. but on a console??
  12. There are still some bugs and as Bram said some people know how to cheat. Maybe there is a glitch are something. Anyway, I believe codemasters will fix this in the next patch. I don't want to even know how they cheat.
  13. It's not really about finding more skill in yourself... these games are the work of humans. Humans make mistakes, this game has many mistakes. It's about finding mistakes and exploiting them, that's why I rarely play online. That's why most games online go through patch after patch after patch trying to balance things, getting rid of exploitable situations.
    So some people spend days and weeks finding all the time and exploitable places in tracks... some kerbs that are mapped as tarmac so they're grippy... some corner that is not correctly marked so cutting it doesn't spoil the lap (I've noticed the hairpin in China is such a place).
    That's why I never play online, you rarely see fair play and a lot of cheating, except when money is at stake (if you're caught cheating you lose a lot of money kind of situation). That's why iRacing is pretty good in this sense.

    People have pretty much cracked the PS3... you can now enter it's OS with a smartphone, being able to play unlicensed copies, and I wouldn't find it surprising if someone started editing the installation files in it.
  14. @ nick people always find ways of hacking leaderboards its a fact of life any game i look at the leaderboards are hacked IMO they are anyway and it disgusts me really
  15. I agree with you.
    Take a look at the Time Trial Leader boards.. and look at some of the times posted on them for the PC!
    Who can drive around a circuit in well under a min?
    Obviously someone called Californiaguy (I think thats his online name.. he leads quite a few on the Time Trial Leaderboards.)
    No way is that down to setups, driver skill and practice.
    That has to be a hack! One time for Montreal, I think it was listed him in 1st place with a time of 57secs if I am correct.
    I use Time Trials to practice a circuit and to try setups out and I've never got close to doing that kind of time! then again.. I don't use "trainers/cheats" to play this game.
  16. 57 seconds he was driving one of those new rocket cars to get around that track in that time lol

  17. Just checked these on the Time Trial Leaderboards for PC

    It seems that I did this guy a disservice.. He's in first place with these times.

    Sahkir: 38.222
    Melbourne: 49.545
    Shanghai: 58.478
    Monte Carlo: 58.825
    Istanbul: 57.619

    There should be a cheatblocker to stop these.. imagine if you were in a race online with this guy, or people like this!
    This has nothing to do with set-ups, driving style and practice! (Practice... my Arse!)
  18. I know that Bahrain - and there are some others also - where the top leaderboard times are not valid because the system did not include their Sector 3 time. I know this to be the case for Bahrain in particular.
  19. :eek: As long as CM allow you to edit core system files then you are going to have the sad arse that abuses that fact what you need to do is view there gamers card then file complaint for cheating if enough player dothis he will be banned but it takes us the players to post a complaint against them. I hope this trent will catch on because if it does not the only thing we will be able to do to stop them is ***** about them in a forum. Please hear my battle cry and post complaint against these cheaters if we do not come to arms then no one will.
    many thanks I hope you all start using the system in place until CM sort out an anticheat software or someone sorts one out.
    Or I feel this game will die in the public servers and then it will only be Leagues like RD that play it meaning patches will be less likley to be released for that title as it was not a hit game
  20. i always file complaints on suspect and known cheaters i cant stand it and im with you 100% of the way cheaters out!!!!