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Unable to validate GSC2012 after Hard drive reformat

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Sk3ptik0n, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. I am hoping Reiza gets to read this and come to the rescue.
    Over a week ago I lost my C drive and I had to install windows 7 again. At first I downloaded GSC2012 demo version and I wasted some time figuring out that that demo was not what I needed to install GSC again.

    Finally thanks to a friendly forum denizen I was able to find the proper download and I installed it. However, when I went to validate it, I got the message that my validation key had used up all the installation.

    I found this a bit strange because I installed GSC the day it came out and I only updated it. I never had to validate it again. Regardless, I wrote Reiza's support and I did not receive any response yet. Last thursday I wrote again just in case I got the email wrong and I never even received a "we got your email" response either. I emailed support@reiza.com both times. At least the second time I am sure I did.

    What's my next option I feel bad wating so much of mine and their time since the game is now about $20 and I am almost tempted to just buy it again. It's that good in my opinion., but I figured I first post here and see what happens. I know the Reiza guys come here often.

    Thank you.
  2. I have not yet received an answer from Reiza since I sent in a support email, nor a response here. I really appreciate Reiza's work and paying another $20 for it would not break my ban, still I am starting to get a bit disappointed....
  3. try pm reiza studios direct, maybe they will answer that way
  4. I got an answer just today. Thank you Reiza and thanks to those that answered.

    I was able to use it as a demo (I have 10 minutes left) and it was as good as always. Can't wait to be able to drive the Mini on the ring online.