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Unable to see any servers in multiplayer?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sean Kenney, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. A bit odd, but I cannot see any servers on the multiplayer view. I am guessing it may be due to my internet connection, but it seems odd that I can play other games online with servers etc...

    Any ideas what may be causing this on my side or theirs?

  2. Here is a screenshot:

  3. Maybe you blocked the connection of R3E via Windows Firewall? Dont know :O_o:
  4. Thanks, yes I checked all of that. No joy :(
  5. @Peter Koch tagging you here, if you don't know the answer, would you maybe tell the man where/how he could submit a support ticket to Sector3?
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  6. I did send in a ticket, I hope they get to it, but I gather it will take a bit. I just asked them what ports they use, hopefully they can give me some feedback, but I am sure I am low on the list hopefully they just don't think I just have my firewall on. :)

    I am pretty decent with computers, so it does not appear to be user error....although famous last words :)

  7. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Hey Ser_Renely

    Mind telling me what country you're from and what kind of connection you have?

    if you have a ping above 500ms you won't see anything. However if you have that much ping to the servers located in Germany, you can't enjoy the Multiplayer anyway even if you did manage to get in.
  8. @Sonat Ozturk

    I live in The Bahamas.

    That makes some sense. I certainly don't have the best connection, but usually enough to get by and it can be pretty good depending on the time of day. Although, I did test my ping to Germany and it was 200....I know that doesn't mean it would be that for your severs etc.... I have played games with servers in Europe and had reasonable ping rates. I will try and see if getting it to work really early in the morning will give me better results.

    It would be good to have a message up pop up stating I have exceeded the maximum ping allowed or something like that...:) With a blank screen I really didn't know what was wrong after troubleshooting on my end.

    Thank you.
    Ser :)
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  9. FYI. I tested pings to a few other servers in Germany and was 150-200ms.
  10. Hmm, just guessing here, but maybe try temporarily disabling your anti-virus and firewall to see if that makes a difference? My neighbor suddenly could not play iracing one day and it turned out to be Norton Firewall started blocking it for whatever reason. Also have you looked at the firewall logs to see if it was blocking anything during the time the game was running?
  11. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Like Cosmic suggested it may not be your ping. 500 ping sounds quite unlikely.

    I can check in more detail if you send me your MWTransport.log found in R3E User folder under;

    C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience\UserData\Log
  12. Thanks, I have checked and turned off all of my AV/firewall stuff to make sure.
  13. Thanks, I will do that.

    I got up early this morning to test the internet, since it is fastest then, and my pings were in the 150ms. I tried RRRE multi but nothing showed up. Tried refreshing servers. This leads me to believe may not the ping issue. Made sure no AV or Firewalls were up etc... Tried it on two different routers....not that would be the problem but still a decent to test.
  14. @Sonat Ozturk I sent you a link to the file in a "conversation".

    Thank you.