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Unable to delete mods

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by jimortality, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. jimortality


    I've unsubscribed from the oval stuff on steam yet they still show up when I go to the mods section in the launcher. I'm not able to uninstall or delete them in the launcher either. I've even deleted them from packages but they still show up in game. What's all that about then.
  2. I don't have steam version... As far as i know unsubscribing to the content at steam should do the trick.

    And make sure you're not subscribed to other channels that make use of "oval stuff".

    If that still doesn't work: tag Marcel Offermans.
  3. jimortality


    ok thanks
  4. AFAIK you can't delete the individual components even via unsubscribing unless you also unsubscribe from ALL the associated RaceEvents (vmods). I suggest you just forget about this whole idea with Steam edition, too complicated and you will just end up without race events.
  5. jimortality


    Yeah cheers John, I think you're right.