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Steering Wheels Ultimate RealiZm Lotus GP F1 Wheel 1.0

Kimi - Signature Edition F1 Wheel!!!

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  1. Being the best driver on the grid and my favorite driver, big thank you :thumbsup:
  2. I Spent nearly one Hour on the Grips they are some insane Textures now m8,,,:thumbsup:
  3. I'm playing some Lego Marve at the moment lol, pretty fun (it's my 1st go at a lego game). The wheel looks insane, I ****ing love the Kimi Raikkonen personalization :) BIG THANK YOU for that.

    Since I didn't try it yet, does it means both Lotus will have that wheel ?

    Btw I have jumped the gun and got myself a Gigabyte R9 280x, should get it by the end of the week.
  4. I love the alcantra look to it :) I just tried it it's amazing ! If I can report one issue (it might be only for me) the bottom digit flickers (the open_gate number and the translate anti_mumbled (int wet dry)). But wow breath taking other than that, also I am a little bias since I am a Major Kimi fan :)
  5. The steering wheel you may do the other teams? For example, Ferrari's steering wheel.:)
  6. I don't seem to have the flickering anymore, probably something to do depending on the lightening of the track, but to be honest it's not an issue and you don't really notice. Beautiful wheel thank you again.
  7. amazing work :thumbsup: just a question .. why did the lotus emblem in the background yellow .. has not made this a particular reason? :unsure:
  8. Just to match the colour of the car m8
  9. That only happened when I raytraced it m8 it was fine until that point I redid all the Text and overlayed it perfect on top of the previous text on every part of the wheel ,,,, I do not fully understand the different raytracing settings sometimes it does strange things,,,,,,,,;)
  10. I Bought a 250GB Samsumg SSD 840 Series yesterday should get it any time now m8 Express delivery you know how it his ,,,, Should make a massive difference to my PC,,,,
    Something his just holding it back now maybe a GTX690 Might do the trick,,,,;)
  11. Great job! thanks :thumbsup:
  12. Thank you,lovely job.
  13. Thank,s m8 ,:thumbsup: