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Cameras Ultimate Realism Mod - VodaFone McLaren 0.8

Enhanced Audio + Real Cameras

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  1. Thanks a lot,:thumbsup:
  2. I love that camera, but I dont distinguise the audio, is it that different?
  3. Yes I Changed out the Audio Files And wanted to Further Edit the Camera as that position I was not too sure about but if you like the Camera I will leave that to the Pod Position.
    I had issues today that I have not had Before I restarted the Game over 40 Times after the game not saving my Changes,
    Normally I just Quit to the start menu Edit the file and go back on track, ill try again in the morning I might change the Audio to the Mercedes GP As both cars have the same Engine but obviously different exhaust settings;)
  4. My gameplay this mod, thanks

  5. hi can you maybe also a complete package of all cars please:roflmao:
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  6. Hi About the Package My gaol is to do Each Car And take my Time to achieve the Best Audio and Cameras Possible.
    I do not Want to Just bring out a Package that is Rushed in my own Experience It would be hard to do 11 Audio and Cameras in one Day,
    I want to do EveryCar on the Game and try to make it as Real as Possible Some of the Mods I have seen Where People have updated the Cameras for each car are not that accurate,

    So Please be Patient I am not Just Making Videos for the Fun of it,;)
  7. As Soon as I have Completed 2 More Cars I think I will Be able to do the "Complete 2013 Season Package" as Quite a Few Cars use the Same Engine Supplier ill just Change some of the settings ,
    The 2012 Mod I made I spent only 2 Days on and they have taken away the main audio setup file so now its ten times harder to make adjustments so please be a little more patient as I want to get things right :thumbsup:
  8. Good Job bro.... :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  9. Project C.A.R.S / F1 2013 Test / Comments Please People:thumbsup:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  10. Thats not this v1.1 mod m8 ,,,,, Try installing the files under the video in upload,,,
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