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Cameras Ultimate Realism Mod - Lotus Renault F1 1.0

Enhanced Audio + Real Cameras!!!

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  1. Another thx !!!! ^^
  2. I have noticed that in every realism mod the carsetup.xml info have varying modified dates... I'm just wondering do I have to overwrite the carsetup.xml file each time I install a realism mod? Is the carsetup.xml used for ferrari different to the one with lotus' realism mod?

    Thanks for the mods by the way chargingcar.
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  3. Hey chargingcar, I would also like to know the answer from samjealsha question, coz I have also been wondering about it. Cheers.
  4. Would you please explain exactly what if anything has been changed ?

    If you have modified the car and engine specs to above normal can you let us know please.
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  5. Yes I have changed the Carsetup file and updated it each time I release a Mod.
    I have had issues myself since last night with the williams setup file I am solving this issue right now,,,
    I Have changed and replaced the Audio also Enhanced the carsetup files and also Changed the camera angles to what w are used to seeing on TV.
    I can not understand how people can not tell the difference unless they are not installing the mods correctly,,
    Inside each Zip I left full instructions to the install.
    Tonight or early in the morning I will be Bringing out the Full 2013 season mod in one Download I only upload each file on there own because people was wanting the Mod before I was able to create the full Project Download:thumbsup:
  6. I enjoy your mods and anxious to get the full project. But could you explain to me what the carsetup does please ? It's just for my knowledge and to feed my curiosity. Thanks.
  7. Ok thanks much appreciated :)
  8. no
  9. Thanks the car sound is like 2011 first time when I heard it.