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Sell UK-Logitech G27, stand and mods.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Keith Gregg, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Keith Gregg

    Keith Gregg
    Born to lose. Premium

    My Logitech G27 wheel, a wheelstand pro and mod parts for sale (West Berkshire, UK).
    All 3 pedals currently have the Nixim pedal mods fitted but the original springs are included.
    Also included is a metal wheel adapter to fit a real steering wheel, a 320mm real wheel with aluminium paddles and button plate made by DSD for that particular wheel...all are easy to fit.
    All items are in used, but good condition and fully working (can be tested and seen working if needed) and the G27 comes with its original box and I am selling because I have upgraded my rig.
    I am not sure what the cost of postage would be as the stand is quite heavy and the box fairly large so collection would be prefered.
    I am open to sensible offers please :)
    002.JPG 001.JPG
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  2. Is this still for sale?
  3. Keith Gregg

    Keith Gregg
    Born to lose. Premium

    Yes mate...only its all boxed away now (not set up)
  4. how much would u want for it all minus the stand?