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U.S.Muscle car & Drift.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. [FONT=바탕]
    Hi~ all of RD members.

    Actually. I dont like U.S muscle car in Race on.
    Because it is heavy and little bit dull(?) in reaction compare to other cars.
    And also lack of setup item for its origin of commercial car.

    Yesterday, I had a short race on steam at Monza by chance with a muscle.
    It was a my first time to drive it..but it was fun.
    This car doing Drift(actually it was a power slidding) at corner..interesting.

    Some of GTRes cars doing power slidding for example..Viper,BMW etc.
    When I try Drift with that car, for my case, I do radical shiftdown and turning Wheel.

    How do you think of Drift with U.S.muscle?
    And what is needed more to make it do Drift easily?
  2. So you noticed only with musle-cars you can slide? Wow.
    Man if you can't slide then you have no win-chance in the race. This is true for EVERY car including front-wheelers.
    (don't know the open wheelers: formula-3000 etc.. )

    But notice the difference: power-sliding costs time, exiting/doing a corner with (little) sliding not necessarily.
  3. saz i think mcwood idea is more about what about we do some drift racing like in GRID. i agree with you tho, all sliding or drifting is not a good thing in a real race. unless its rally.

    maybe possible, but how would you choose the winner when theres no points being made.? panel of judges?.
  4. Thanks for comments.

    Actually, I don't mean winning a race has relaions with Drift or Slide...just for fun.
    If you drive a Muscle at Monza, you may have question about it.
    coz, when you get in long right hand corner,even a small manipulation gives
    chance to make it slide...looks good and feels good.

    But the other way, in your mind, you knows well...
    'more grib make it get out from corner with speed'....complications.
    I just want to know how to make it drifts along with fun, not corncerning about winning race.

  5. if you get really good at drifting tho, there will be others that say, hey, you not drift king, i am, what do you say to that? i think there will be drift competitions lol. :cyclops:
  6. Lol, id actually quite like to see that :L would be a laugh ayy ?