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Tyre wear

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. It would be interesting to learn more about tyre wear based on our own data. Questions I think we could get answers to are:
    -How much do tyre wear vary based on driver?
    -How much do tyre wear vary based on track?

    It would be cool if those of you who run the right kind of telemetry posted exact data. I will give an example as I still have the data from my last stint at Istanbul:

    Driver: Nicolai
    Track: Istanbul
    Distance: 13 laps (symetric 2 stop stint)
    Consistant driving? Yes
    Wing settings: 17/18
    Tyre condition: FL=80% FR=73% RL=74% RR=71%

    Driver: Anthony
    Track: Istanbul
    Distance: 19 laps (symetric 1 stop stint)
    Consistant driving?
    Wing settings:
    Tyre condition: FL=62% FR=41% RL=64% RR=63%

    If someone else know their wear from the Istanbul race, please feel free to post it in this thread :thumbsup:
    Istanbul tyre wear.jpg
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  2. I remember after 13 laps my worst tyre was 67%, rear right I think. I was on pretty low wing though (14/11) and in earlier practice stints with higher wing I was on about 75% I think. I also noticed last season that for me tyre wear was related to how much wing I was using, higher wing gave me lower wear.

    Also I noticed last season that usually my front and rear tyres are very similar in terms of wear, very often they end up at exactly the same percentage.
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  3. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    I again can't remember what my wear was but I know that when I looked over at my telemetry my front right tyre after 13 laps was over 3/4s worn hense why I had to pit at the end of that lap. I already decided in pitting then before the race but was shocked when I saw how bad it was and wouldn't have been able to do a 1stop without ditching it.
    But I did have arm fulls of under steer more so than I had experienced in practice but did go for more rear wing than I would have liked to but the rear was unstable and I wanted to finish the race so that's why I did.
    But I think that that was more setup than wear rate and also that track can be harsh on three if the setup isn't right.
    But that's my personal opinion rather than facts.
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  4. I can not remember specifically, but at Istanbul I think at half way (or about 19 laps) my tyres/tires were worn to approximately 60% all around.
  5. Too bad MoTec doesn't log tire wear.. I can't remember exact figures, i probably looked at tire wear three times in the entire race. I went with feel and kept to my planned strategy.. :( Could've done 16 laps but then i would've been on low 60% or worse, that's just an estimation.
  6. I have no idea what the temps or wear was @ lap 13 or 26, I was too busy backing up and going over my pit box and backing up to take note LOL I do know I was having no issues with grip.

    I did notice that the XD config file has an option to turn on data logging. I'm assuming that's how you got such precise numbers. Either that or you have a photographic memory and an unusually high awareness of your surroundings :) I tried it and it does work. You can configure it to record ambient temp, track temp, tire wear, tire temp, tire pressure once a lap or every n seconds. One note, even though it says it's a .csv file, it is tab delimited, not comma delimited so you have to import it into excel using the text data import wizard.
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  7. I didn't know XD had that, I may need to start using that if it records tire wear. As that's something I miss from data recordings in rF1 and rF2.

    Usually I take close note in practice of what tire wear's like for me. But when I elected to do a 2 stop race at Istanbul, I just dismissed tire wear as being negligible. I think my lowest was 77% during one stop, but I've no idea at this point now.

    I'll take closer notice of my tire wear in future though, as I think this'd be great to see. :D
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  9. So you're not omnipotent, I'm crushed :cry: I've used RTT in the past, good program.
  10. Oh yeah, RTT has logging, didn'tknow XD has it too.. Need to check that option.. Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:
  11. It really depends on the way you drive, on the wings, if you lock too much your tyres... I think tyre wear is really an important part of the race, and even if it's not really that important in this game, it seems decisive in other games like rF2.

    I trained a lot for a 1-stopper strategy in Istanbul but chose a 2-stopper just to have more fun in the fights (with a 1-stopper you mostly fight with the clock, not really cool). And since I train mostly with 1-stopper strategy I'm used to drive in difficult conditions at the end of the stint, that's were I find my confidence in my setup that allows me to be safer on track and gentler for the tyres.

    And about my experience in Istanbul I should say I would have my FR tyre wear at 45-47% after 19 laps in race conditions if I have chosen this strategy, with FL at somthing like 52% and about the same at the rear.
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  12. Driver: Anthony
    Track: Istanbul
    Distance: 19 laps (symetric 1 stop stint)
    Consistant driving? yes I guess.
    Wing settings: 20/20 , front springs 50 rear 70
    Tyre condition: FL=62% FR=41% RL=64% RR=63%

    you wear rear more than front Nicolai , you slide the rear when driving or your rear springs low?

    if Nicolas is saying that he was getting 45-47 % when he practiced 19 laps and would assume with 2x tire wear server so then that makes sense with my 41% for the front right,

    where can u find RTT log Kennet? I use print screen to get the shot of my second screen.

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  13. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I'm not sure what my wear was but I assume it wasn't far off Davids I never practised a stint but didn't get warnings during race also with 2 stopper.
    Interesting to see some slight differences but also worth remembering it may just not be driving style but also slight differences in setups like toes, tire pressures and cambers etc.
    I chose 2 stopper based on pace with 90 vs 62 litres in a few short 3 lapper races :thumbsup:
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  14. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    next race i will look at XD for tire wear:)
    about Istanbul I have only a vague memory 20laps 45/47% front tire, rear over 50%, wings 17/18
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  15. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran


    I cant tell you what my tyre wear was as I don't use any telemetry, but I can say that I got tyre warnings 16-17 laps into each stint, at the end of each stint when in clean air I was 0.8-1.2 sec slower than my best lap (1.41.2xx), most laps were inside 1.42 until the end of the stint

    I was using very little toe at the front and none at the rear, front camber at 4.1 and rear at 2.9, 18/18 wings

    Hope this helps

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  16. @Valerio Vinassa - I've just put the rears in as 53%, as a rough guess, does that sound about right?

    @Jim Hawley - IIRC the tire wear warnings only come up at 50% wear, so we can get an approximate idea from that. Thanks :D
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  17. As i just made some test tracks for mod testing, i can share them with you guys too.


    10km straight, first 3km are marked.Timing may work or not. There's a surprise at the end ;)
    1km Circle about as smooth as one can get it.
    Bumb Field: inside 2cm, middle 4cm and the last is 6cm bumbs, spaced 5m apart.

    All of them are completely flat.

    Packed inside one folder, appears ingame under TestTrack category. If you got ideas what you would like to see, like oval or simple figure of eight, just drop me PM with specs.
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  18. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    All I get is the "your tyres are getting worn" in my ear phones, I remember thinking at the time "leave me alone...I know what I'm doing" and had a little chuckle to myself:whistling:

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  19. Are we filling this in for Melbourne too? :)

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