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Tyre Wear Numbers in Garage

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jay Jones, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. I dunno what these numbers mean next to the tyre compunds. Can anybody shed any light on this. I know this has been asked be4, but i couldnt see an answer, so, anybody know what it is, because its confusing my strategy
  2. i think thats how many laps you have left on the tires
  3. Do you mean these?


    I dont know what A represents, but I think B is how many laps the compound lasts
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    Is it

    (A) Wear per lap
    (B) Wear remaining?
  5. I also presume that the outside circle is to do with best performance and the inside circle is the rest of the tires life before it "drops off the cliff"
  6. from what i can see from testing tires in practice this seems to be correct.
  7. I wonder if the first number is like the scrub that needs removing till the tyre is ready? Or its the optimal performance life, though 0.9 seems very low for this to be true. Then the second is laps till worn out?
  8. The outside number tells how much optimal grip laps that tyre has. Basically, it is a estimate of how many laps that tyre has optimal grip for (basically for qualifying). The inside number is an estimation of how many laps that particular compound will last.
  9. Thanks for answering guys (and gals)
  10. Good question - I was going to ask that too.

    Did anyone else think that the user manual was a little light in detail?
  11. I'm still not sure about this, the outer number ("A") doesn't seem to correspond to how many laps are run before the outer ring is worn off. For Melbourne/Options/50% race I believe A = 0.3 for me, but after completing a full lap there was plenty of that outer ring left when I got back to garage. B does seem to correlate to number of laps.

    I am curious if there is supposed to be some representation of the scrub you should wear off before the tire is optimal (all the AI cars go out and back in without completing a lap at the start of practice, "as if" they were scrubbing the tires). RE says tires are scrubbed and will get up to temperature quickly - do we get that message only after the outside ("A") ring is gone?
  12. I think the AI does that because that's what real F1 drivers do to check everything is as it should be after they put the car together. It's known as the "Installation lap".

    Interestingly the inner and outer number always add up to a round number. No idea what it means, but the inner doesn't seem to go down until the outer is depleted.