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tyre wear affect CPU players? 20%

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lenard Schaeffler, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. So I have a few mods installed, mostly graphical, also have the 2011 conversion and RD 2011 tyre mod, I cant seem to understand 1) why after one lap at SPA my fresh option are ready to go and 2) why the computer doesnt seem to be affected by it, I have been having to skip pit stops to remain at the front. My last race, on the 2nd lap I changed off of my Options to Primes,thats one stop, after that my I battle up and I get into their coming up on the red bull and ferarri, my next pit stop is at lap 6 at that point I drop my fight with the two others and drop into the pits to get a set of options to finish out the race. (i know, they will be pretty dead by the time the race is done. I am not too concerned about my pitting for options because I know on the next lap or two the guys I am battling are going to have to pit because they have not since lap 2 or 3 with me. but they dont, in fact, nobody does, it appears they are pitting off their starting options sometime between lap 2-4 and somehow are holding those primes for the rest of the race.

    I have done it before (only way I kept 2nd on monaco) but it does nothing for lap times, every lap they wear another second is added to lap times. So does it not matter to them? they can drive on wiped out tires yet still maintain maximum speed? Its irritating me, just like me, it should be awefully difficult to race on tires that are red, but they are still maintaining. I know fuel sim doesnt affect them, what about tyre? because other than that, I cant understand how they can maintain time while not pitting.

    any input would be greatly appreciated, my apologies for the wall of text.

  2. Just did a 20% Race at Hockenheim... My First Stop was in Lap3 (recommended was Lap2) and right behind me Webber came in... Next stop in Lap6 and Button coming in right behind me. when i got out of the 2nd Stop Webber was in front of me before pitting for the 2nd time at the end of that lap...

    But AI is not really affected by Tire-Wear. In Q3 for that Race i did 2 Laps on fresh Options and all the others did 5 or 6 Laps... summing that up: my Tires lastet 5 Laps, AI Tires lastet about 8-9 Laps
  3. Lenard, the computer cars are not affected by either tyre wear or fuel load, because the AI in this game is totally broken. To race against the AI on an even basis you need to turn off both tyre wear and fuel simulation within the game options. I know that detracts badly from the realism, but Codemasters made it very clear they refuse to fix their mistakes. It's such a pity.
  4. Is there no mod that will make them affected by it? I know that one mod said it got the cpu cars to be affected by fuel load. Yeah because turning off tire wear would suck, making that decision to pit or try to hold this set for 1 more lap is a fun part of the game, but if they aren't required to pit, that's terrible, and its no wonder on a 20% race its only one stop or your dead
  5. The guys who did the F1 2010 AI mod, all of whom are geniuses, by dint of enormous work, managed to get a simulation of fuel load; but not even they could get an effect like the human driver experiences. I'm afraid the problem lies in the binary code from Codemasters, and that can't reasonably be fixed.