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Tyre scaling, finally with tyre wear

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Demy van Zoggel, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Guys I finally got the tyre scaling right, in other mods and my previous releases the tyres just kept the grip they had during 100% races so you didnt really have to pit.

    So here is the mod for tyre scaling + tyre wear (25%, 50%, 100%)
    Just replace this database with one in /f1 2012/database

    Tyre scaling mod v1.0
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  2. Will this be packaged in with the Realism Mod?
  3. will do that! it needed to be patched anyway :p
  4. Thanks. Your Realism Mod has already improved the game so much
  5. Are there tracks that have the wrong tyre usage ingame and wrong distance that they last?

    i mean in rl they do 1 stoppers on a track and in the game 2 stopper? would be nice if someone could tell me this so i can fix it
  6. Lot of tracks Demy
    Eg: India Game - 2 RL - 1,Yas Game - 2/3, RL - 1, Monaco Game - 3 RL -1, Korea Game - 3/4, RL - 2, Singapore Game - 3/4 RL - 2/3. Montreal Game - 2/3, RL - 1/2
  7. Thanx, and wrong tyres ingame? I heard Austin was wrong?
  8. brazil too Medium and Hard in RL where as Soft and Medium in game.
  9. I got the tyre wear right, but cant seem to fix race strategy. It gives you 0 pitstops and AI also doesnt pit. Can a mod make this mod W.I.P ?
  10. That's the Problem i too facing in High Wear the Cars spin on track due and If i Lower it then i can't find the Balance the strategy to Real life :(
  11. Im done guys. (25% 50% 100%)

    Every team has the same tyre wear now since there was no real noticable difference in the 2012 season, and this should fix that some teams stop more than others. If people dont like this I will fix it.
    I also fixed the wrong tires at Brazil and Austin

    Later on I will implement this in my Realism mod
  12. Excusme my noob question, but i dont find it.... Where is your "Realism Mod"? Thanks for all your superb work :)
  13. So tyre wear is sorted, but is the strategy now fixed?