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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by antudusun, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Hiii guys:wink:...I'm antudusun from Malaysia. I'm a new BTB pro user and this is my 1st track. Million thanks to this forum for providing very useful info bout BTB.

    Heres some pics


  2. This could be cool. Good luck with your first!
  3. Looks nice... could do with some trees though. I'm not sure how that grass texture will look either, it seems like it is too 'big'. But great job! I can't wait to try it.
  4. Thanks...This track is good for drifting. I love if you guys can test it and give comment. right now I'm facing problem with the guardrail. Double guardrail disappeared in gaming while single guardrail disappeared in replay. I'll add the trees and bushes later

    Heres the link

  5. Downloading :doublethumb:

    Will post with feedback later hopefully, depending on how much sim time i get this afternoon/evening

  6. Back with some feedback:

    • Track is awesome to drive - nice and flowing. Good car was the Osella T2R Minichamp hillclimb car (http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Osella%20T2R%20Minichamp)
    • generally the track was well made. No "odd" (unententional) wiggles etc.
    • Only real problem is terrain - but, in my opinion, this is the hardest part (possibly excluding the AIW file). My first track was a real bummer when it came to terrain because - like this track - it had lots of elevation.
    • You need to set up the Timing gates so that it will record your run down, i.e. at the moment my lap doesn't start until i get to the bottom (finish line). I'm no expert on this, so ask around in the forums.

    Other Recommendations:
    • Extend the track a little further past the start/finish areas so that you don't fall off the track just after the finish line.
    • Add some trees - then you won't see the edge of the terrain. I'm guessing you were going to do this anyway;D
    • When you fix up the terrain, Join the terrain between some areas of track to create a steep hill or even cliff face if you wish. in some places you can see track that you were on a minute ago, and it's floating in midair. Joined with terrain and it will look like a hill.
    • Last one - this is a request - when you do you final release, could you do a reverse track. I think this would work really well as a "hill-climb" as well as a "hill-fall":D


  7. Thanks man...glad you like it...I'll do my best.....:cool:
  8. UPDATE !!!!!! UPDATE!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!

    Finally I finished add the guardrail. I also changed the road width, make it wider (looks too narrow after added guardrail lol..)

  9. Thanks! Will test l8r.
  10. Schweet that looks good with the hairpins :p. Think it would suit V8's more than Open Wheels though :p