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TV Style

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by stop, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I have installed TV Style for rFactor, some parts work just fine but others (like the live qualifying time) don't work. I am running it in an offline race. Is there anyway to get the parts that are not displaying to display? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Try some button combos like...Alt-f Alt-n Alt-m , i think for qualifying to work you have to be sat in the garage looking out and they try the above button commands , try other Alt-? combos too when looking out of the garage as i know there is an issue with something not being displayed until you do 2 Alt-? button commands but it has been a long time since i used tvstyle so good luck:thumbsup:
  3. Thanks for the advice, however I did try what you suggested but still no luck. What i did was looked out of the garage and pressed alt f alt n alt m and numerous other combos but no luck. BTW Im running rfactor in a monitor.

  4. Just tried a "RF1_TEST" tvstyle profile that has a live timing monitor which is what i guess you mean by the live qualifying time.
    Pressed Alt-a to toggle the plugin "on" then needed to press ALt-N to put the live qualifying monitor "on"..this disables the other onscreen meters and displays a monitor style image with the live timing screen, Alt-N toggles the monitor off and displays things like the rev counter again.
    And i did this from the garage looking out.
    Open the tvstyle profile folder and find the profiles folder and see if you have a "Monitor.tga" texture, if not then you may need another tvstyle profile!!
    Good luck.
  5. That isn't what i mean. I mean the live qualifying stop watch at the bottom of the screen. Does anyone know how I can get that to display in the monitor?