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Tutorial - Objects for BTB with Sketchup

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Biggles1212, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Hi I've completed a full tutorial that should be comprehensive enough for just about anyone to make objects in Sketchup and use them in BTB for their favorite sim.

    I'd appreciate any good suggestions.

    It took me a few hours to work all the snags out and there was a lot of great information already here at Race Department.

    I've uploaded the tutorial here.


    If you have any questions post them here or PM me. I'll do my best but I'm no guru at this.

    Do enjoy. Thanks
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  2. right now i use zmodeler for making objects, but the texture mapping is very cumbersome. in sketchup can you flatten round objects to map them?
  3. ...in skecup I making only one texture file, metod is slowly, but very easy change BMP flie to DDS (in to Xpack)
  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    A small question: Do i have use sketch up 6 to export to a *.kmz file? I have the 7.1 version. Now xpacker crashes when i want to open the *.dae file.
  5. A really great tutorial on using Sketchup and BTB.:thanks:
    Got my Sketchup item into BTB the first time after reading the tut. Thanks for your effort Biggles. We need more tuts like this one. Anyone else have any tuts to add to the forum?
  6. thanks biggles1212, i have take a peek, seem to have alot of problems with sketchup.7.1

  7. @ Erwin and Banger

    Yes you have to use Sketchup 6 to export. I think I still have the install file for sketchup 6 somewhere. The problem with Sketchup 7 and 7.1 is that they have changed the way they export the DAE file. I couldn't understand it until I opened the DAE files with wordpad and could see that the programming syntax seemed to be changed. What would be nice is if BTB were upraded to accept the new DAE files, then we could use Sketchup 7.1 the whole way. In the mean time I'll do my best to see if I can find a solution. Perhaps somewhere on the net, a copy of Sketchup 6 is available for download if you don't have it already.
  8. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    sadly i don't have the installer for v.6 anymore.
  9. You don't need rename KMZ files to zip or rar, becouse programs 7-zip or IZArc know, thas it is archyve files. And KMZ files extract without problem...
  10. Thanks, I tried it and it works great. I'm currently trying to finish a complete "book" for making tracks with everything from the graphics to editing the files, making mas files and a racing season. This will definitely be in there.:victory:
  11. Import warning..

    Having tried the `tut`, I found it to be quite easy to make custom objects, buildings and more. To keep things easy, I made seperate folders, outside btb, one for `models`, with two sub-folders for current objects in progress, and finished (.kmz in .rar form) objects. Then I made a `objects` folder, where I put the `models` and `images` folders. (You can simply r-click on a kmz, select `choose program`, select .rar, and all kmz files will turn into .rar`s.)

    To move .kmz\.rar`s- Open both folder windows, r-click a .rar file of choice, highlight model/image and drag to `objects` window(containing `image\models`). IMPORTANT: watch for same name\different texture conflicts! Import with xpacker, zip and test in a TEST TRACK! (And don`t save any changes either, deleting all objects.) If it works, exit btb, delete the test xpack, and repeat, selecting your xpack after loading the test track. Never save work in test track, and remember to delete the xpack from the projects\test track folder!

    The problem I noticed is trying to export\import a model from the web, even using SU6. Sometimes bits and pieces will scatter all over the place, hundreds of feet in the air. Everything I make works fine...great in fact!!

    Hope this little $0.02 helps.
  12. Thanks kslm.

    I appreciate you $0.02, its worth at least R0.20 here in South Africa.

    So I've been trying to do things differently and must say, I hate working out how to do something and then forget how I did it. But I've pretty got making custom textures to use tapped.

    SU6 has worked fine for me so far, the only time I had a similar experience with the models doing something was when I had grouped items within the same model. I haven't gone back to test it yet, but it is on my shortlist of things to do. Try selecting everything in SU6 and right click on it and choose explode, it may work. If you find a trouble file, please send me a link to it. I've been quite hard at work trying to put a substantial book together to act both as a reference guide and take even a newbie from average joe to pro. So finding little problems to solve will help me close the cracks and reduce the need to go rework the book.

    So far I've made some Garages for pits using string objects, you choose the number of garages and drag it out accordingly, it will also follow a spline so it's flexible for use on any track. In fact the string objects are very powerful for making anything you might want to strech or bend. My check point are string objects which I just choose each side of the track and it sizes itself accordingly.

    I like the way you've sorted your folder system, I do something similar. I have a SKP folder which is devided into a number of sub folders that I save the SKP file in. I then save the KMZ file in the same subfolder. Then using a tip I learned from Barbje, I quickly extract it to a folder and import it to Xpacker.

    I use a test Xpack to test the object and when I'm happy I move it acroos to the Xpack I'm working on. In the main Xpack I'm working on, I have a common folder Textures\Objects\Common where I save all the new textures I make in PNG and DDS. That said, I delete all the other textures I don't need. It is a long job this way round, but I have a smaller Xpack in the end.

    If you don't mind I'll add your hints in the book and record your name on the contribution list, I'll use kslm for now or you could send me a PM to list your proper name if you would like.
  13. SketchUp samples

    Here is a pic showing some of the objects I am putting together for an xpack.

    Attached Files:

  14. Those are awesome. I really like the race engineers box. One thing I'm hoping to see from all this is that there will be a stack of resources being made for guys who want to build tracks.
  15. Objects..

    Thanks, I have a bunch more that aren't importing properly yet, but I hope to fix that soon. It would be great to have some good SketchUp builders create a large amount of xpacks full of the more common trackside objects. That way builders will know that the basics are covered.
  16. (thanks for all help on getting objects created) I have added my first batch of objects. I tested all new objects in a test track and came out OK. But when objects were added to my track I get an error:

    "Error loading texture texture01 for material roada155"

    it seems the problem is that SU6 exports the textures with names with numbers such as "texture01" ... but those conflict with existing textures in rFactor.

    ***how do i change names of textures on my new objects????? and they are still associated with its object???
  17. Looks like i figured it out... use xpacker to rename when creating the xpack

  18. The link in 1st post takes me to frontpage of RD, can you please reupload xD