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[Tutorial] How To Make Simdash / Rev Burner work with DiRT Rally!

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Chr0m3xMoDz, May 10, 2015.

  1. Hello, I'm new here and just wanted to share information on how you can get telementry output from DiRT Rally.
    I am aware that some of you may already know about this.

    So what you will want to do is either download my useless app or get any .exe on your computer (cmd, notepad etc) and name it dirt3.exe.
    Place it in the root of your DiRT Rally folder.

    You can download my app here if you wish (It does nothing it's just a blank c# app with a message box)


    Again you don't need to use my app it's just for lazy people :p

    Next you will need to locate your hardware_settings_config.xml (If you purcahsed off Steam then it will be at C:\Users\Your User\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings) If it's not located there just do a search on your system for hardware_settings_config.xml.

    Open up your hardware_settings_config.xml and change <motion enabled="false" ip="dbox" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="0" />
    to <motion enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="1" />

    Now before you start DiRT rally execute the dirt3.exe in the root of your DiRT Rally folder and you will see that simdash will pick it up as you are playing DiRT 3 like so

    Now you can start DiRT Rally and all your gauges will work perfectly.

    Last edited: May 21, 2015
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  2. Thank you very much! Greets from Finland.
  3. What about the android app HUD DASH?
  4. Hi,

    Really great, you could make it work for Gi-Max and SPI-D, it'd be really cool

    Slts Miche.
  5. ok it work for all device :thumbsup::rolleyes:
    and it work for all games !!!! :D:cool:
  6. Is there a way to execute dirt3.exe automatically when starting Dirt Rally?
  7. not working for Gi-Max and SPI-D
  8. Yes it does.
  9. Since an recent update, i can no longer get this to work :(
  10. Need to change the output number to 20777 close sim dash then restart.
  11. can we use this also for F1 titles of codies?
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  12. lopsided


    I have no clue what the extradata value does, so I'd love to learn about that if you could explain.

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2016
  13. Thank you great job.
  14. Used SIM Dashboard from Google play
    looks like that:

  15. I see no dash?