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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by HAR_RJ, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. How hard is it to make tunnels for a track? I haven't figured it out yet. Is it possible to do with BTB?

  2. I've never tried it myself, but I think walls combined with terrain should do it. Try around a bit :curl-lip:
  3. You could do it with walls, but Google Sketchup would probably be an easier way to design it.
  4. Maybe try using the track tool to create a stretch of track, and changing the cross section into a tunnel shape. This way the "tunnel" track nodes can be perfectly aligned over the "race" track nodes.

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  5. Nice idea alex! Iv usually done it with walls by making them wide enough and high enough and adding more control points so they can be shaped.
  6. If you use a track, be sure to deselect the 'BTB Ground' option (found where you see the list of tracks) otherwise the program will become confused about where to put the centreline and fastline.
  7. Yeah, I use walls for everything so walls would be my route.
  8. Just remember if you use walls or track that you shape them so the outside becomes the inside for collision, texture and hat properties to work properly.

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  9. good to see you can make tunnels!

    is it possible to make a tunnel through a hill? so there is land surrounding it, that you can then have the track curve back around and go over the hill?
  10. Yeah, but if you use walls, I'd recommend to use a few wall pieces to keep it clean, otherwise you will have bit's hanging out everywhere.
    Here is a BTB project. This is probably how I would do it if I was using walls. http://www.3rdgearmotorsports.com/modding/Tunnel.rar
    Just add Default.zip XPack into XPacks.
  11. thanks, but i guess my question remains, can you do something like make the track go down inside a hill, a large land mass, or would RBR think youve basically run into a wall?

    i guess can you make booleans (holes) in land and put a track through it?

  12. Yes you can - Take a look at my fantasy track - Elbonia Stage 1.

    There is a (basic) tunnel, made in this case from some terrain that has been dragged about. Be aware though, that if you have the terrain in the wrong place you can drive through it, so I have a wall along the inside.
  13. thanks, im having trouble getting RBR to recognize some tracks, do i need to do something special?

    ive downloaded several tracks that contain .ini files, FX, Object, etc folders and I throw them into my RX_Content folder, but for some reason only 4 out of 8 are showing up when i go to Plugins in RBR...

    great to hear you can make tunnels etc... I cant wait to make some cool tracks.

    has anyone done some cool tracks with alot of jumps and dips and crazy stunt style dangers? ;)

  14. i remeber some trouble with the tunnels related with the roof on RBR.

    if you have a collidable roof in yours tunnels and your car flip out inside the tunnel, you will call for help and your car will be place over the roof of the tunnel, not inside it.
  15. so i popped open the BTB demo and played with it. cool program!

    anyway, played with it and dont see how its possible to put a hole or tunnel through a hill... am i missing something?

    id like to be able to build a track with hills or mountains that you can travel through and on top. is it possible?

    btw it would be for RBR. is there a difference in the Evo that would allow holes in terrain for rfactor etc?

  16. You have to fold the terrain over the track, keeping the up-side in the up direction... I'm trying to think of a way to explain that... here goes:

    Pull some polygons from your track edge, like you normally would. Now pull a single polygon. Take the point of that triangle and loft it above the rest of the terrain, but forward. Now pull a single polygon from one of its edges and bring it back over the edge of the original terrain, towards your track. Loft it a little more. Now continue pulling polygons back over your track.

    Do the same from the opposite side of your track and join them above the track. You now have a tunnel through the terrain, but it looks like crap from the inside. That's where you'd make a wall covering your track and flip the normals so you see a decent image when driving through the tunnel. You might add a little terrain alongside the track through the tunnel so there's some distance between the track and the tunnel walls.
  17. Cheers, tried it, but its just too much work for something simple.

    I use Maya for a living, and as cool as BTB is, its toolset is really basic and takes alot of work to model stuff... can I model in Maya or Lightwave and bring things into BTB to make stages, it would make my life 100x easier. What file format out of 3DS does it use? OBJ? DXF?

    The thing I dont get though is how I would do all the underlying things like assiging which polys are tracks or terrain, walls, etc.
    Does it all work based on naming conventions? ie. if I model something and call it track, model something call it terrain, etc..

    where can I read up about modeling for RBR with other tools?

    Im hoping I can model the entire track with an actual 3D package.

    Brendon, great job, but if you want I could make a heap of suggestions to help make BTB much more user friendly...

  18. I reckon you could make the track in Maya if you could export it as a .3ds or .dae. If so you could use XPacker to add it as an object. In BTB make a small track, which can be open ended, and then place the object on top of it.

    Make sure the object is 'drivable', and if applicable you might need to set a 'btb ground' flag. I suggest you make a small track and make sure you can make a fully functioning AIW file before making something too detailed.

    But there is one issue that needs investigating. What effect on framerate is there when a massive 3d object is on screen? Maybe the object just needs to have a change of materials, in the same way BTB splits up the terrain. You'd have to check with someone who's used 3ds max.
  19. Cheers!

    But could I create the whole track and terrain in a modelling package, then import it (or do I even need BTB?) and assign certain polys as the actual track, with ancors, etc, and parts as terrain, etc, just by naming conventions, or how does RBR understand what polys are walls, track, terrain, etc...

    How do I assign attributes that RBR can understand if I was to only use Maya?

    As far as the tunnel through hill, remember I also want to be able to have the track turn later and drive up over that same hill...

    Speaking of Framerate, is there a default goal for RBR tracks for poly limits, or do people not care because computers these days can handle tons of polys? or does RBR have a limit or just crap out if theres too many on screen?

    I really wish there was a RBR MOD page with all these sorts of details about under the hood and how to edit and reprogram, etc... is there? And hopefully in english? ;)