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Tracks TT Circuit Assen 0.7

The Cathedral of Speed

  1. NightEye87 submitted a new resource:

    TT Circuit Assen - The Cathedral of Speed

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  2. NightEye87 updated TT Circuit Assen with a new update entry:

    V0.5 - Autosport layout included

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  3. Its a good job ,the way the track is in real life .., only problem is the track is way to flat.no bumps or ellevation made in this track for AC ., .so it needs a lot of work .hope you gonna fix this in the future ..thmbs up for efforts . greeds from holland .my hous is 15km from Assen race track.
    Best race there is TT Assen .. good party time all week long.and, German car day .drag racing street legal.
  4. The real track has recently (2012) been resurfaced and it's as smooth as a baby's bum. I might get to adding tiny - and I mean tiny - variations to liven it up a bit. I don't want to ruin its authenticity.

    I live about 25km from the track, so I try to visit every now and then :) Always great races!
  5. NightEye87 updated TT Circuit Assen with a new update entry:

    V0.6: Improved for the new AC version.

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  6. NightEye87 updated TT Circuit Assen with a new update entry:

    TT Circuit Assen V0.7

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  7. Hiya great work! Any news on updates? Willing to test new versions!

    Top gedaan zo ver!
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  8. I (silently) uploaded V0.7.7 a few weeks ago. Silently because it's a testbuild and lots of stuff just isn't right :D But try it if you want.
    I'm struggling to find time at the moment, but I'm super psyched to get this back on track. I imported my LIDAR data last week (I've always had it, but worked off a greyscale height image rather than the actual point cloud) but due to a lack of memory I can only import so many points. I believe my last import only had 0,014% of all points (on a 4×4 km square) so it will only be good for surrounding terrain. I am, ofcourse, aiming to import the full mesh to make final adjustments to the track.
    There's still a whole bunch of stuff to do, but I want to finish this :)
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  9. Nice! Good to hear! As a Dutchie Assen is a must have track! So far it is so flowing!

    The newest version does not load. It returns to main menu.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2016