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Trying to improve in preparation for a PRO drive next year (maybe even towards the back end of 14)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by stop, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Hi, you may have seen me on this forum a lot this season, but I am Matt (twitter is @hamiltonfan1705 if you want to know more about me), or sometimes known as "hamiltonfan1705," as I race in F1 2014 Xbox leagues with the pad. However some people may associate me in these leagues as being a particularly dirty driver, mainly because I keep on making broad pad movements (which I am trying to work on!) For PC however I have a wheel, I have a Logitech Driving Force GT (If only I could get a Logitech Driving Force GT working on Xbox otherwise the incidents I got involved in wouldn't have happened!!) For the past 2 years I have spent many hours driving without assists on rFactor + rFactor 2, and recently (just last week in fact) I finished building a gaming pc, and I can run rF2 at highest settings at 110FPS. At Silverstone on light fuel, I managed to do a 1.36, which is around 6 secs off Morand's pole time. This was using a downloaded setup. On Monza however I am struggling as I don't have a setup tailored to this mod, I'm not so good at making setups, and I have only done a 1.30 round Monza. A lot of that is because I keep braking early at the first corner because if I don't, I keep locking rears and spinning. Is there any advice on how to improve, as I could join now if I wanted, but I fear that if I did I'd just be a danger to other drivers.

    Here's a video of one of my laps at Silverstone, I did a 1.38 I think in this lap but I wasn't running on low fuel.

    If anyone has any advice or anything that might help, plz PM me or tweet me to my twitter, either @HamiltonFan1705 or @HamiltonFanYT
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  2. Sent you a PM :) I can help with Monza
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    So...after all the time I've been bothered by the question who Stop is...

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  4. - I think you can certainly benefit from a better setup. That thing is understeering like a dog.
    - Be less tentative under braking, and downshift quicker. I've also got a feeling your brake pressure is really low. What was your brake pressure here?

    Other than that, far from the worst I've witnessed. :thumbsup:
  5. Bad news everyone, and I am absolutely devastated about this, I was considering making my debut at the next race, but typically, just when I'm about to get into a series I've been practicing to get into for 2 years, my DFGT decides to break!! And I'm probably not going to be able to get another wheel anytime soon :( I asked on ISI forums what could be the issue, and they suggested to try plugging it into another pc, that doesn't work, so it's obvious there is something wrong with the wheel. I've had this wheel for almost 3 years (got it in Christmas 2011), is it still under warranty? If not then it looks like my chances of getting into FSR or any rFactor 2 league, or at least in the next year are pretty much done, as I can't drive with a keyboard, and I am actually quite angry about it!!

    Why just why does this have to happen!
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  6. I have that wheel, what's the issue exactly?
  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Well this is not of course a good thing your wheel decided to break, but hey, maybe you could make a fresh start for 2015...after all, you need lots of practice for FSR.

    Speaking of DFGT I was lucky to keep it, since my G27 ran into issues under Canadian GP so I used DFGT there and in UK. Good to have a backup wheel. :rolleyes:

    I then got a replacement for G27.
  8. My DFGT is in it's 6th year :) 2 years ago it broke, burned smell was coming out and no steering input detected. I took it to service and they fixed it for 30€ (sth on the circuit board went wrong + they changed the wheel axis IR sensor). Do you have any logitech service nearby? Also I doubt it's still under warranty, I had 1 year I believe..
  9. There might be one nearby, seen as Logitech products are quite popular in the UK. So I might try doing that

  10. Yeah I'm hoping to get my wheel sorted by the 2015 season so I can make a fresh start I'm 2015

  11. It just won't work, I've described the issue on ISI Forums, I plug it into a PC, the inner part flashes and then stops flashing without the wheel spinning or anything

  12. Why would you write to ISI forums? Logitech have incredible customer service, just send a message to them or call them. I've had DFGT before and I had it replaced 3 times cause of paddle shifter issue.
  13. Will probably post on Logitech forums