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Trouble downloading track

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Marty Pierce, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Trouble downloading track (Solved)

    :cool:This is my first time trying to downlod a track. I downloaded Valencia street from no grip. No problem there but when I tried to get the file into game I did steam/steamapps/my name/race07/ but could not get game data and location where tracks are. Totally lost how to do this. I have the archiver program. the only place I see the track folders is in car-setups and I did paste the track there. If anyone can simplify this process I can use some help. I am not very good with computers and I am at the point that I will concede to just racing with the standard game content. Thanks Marty Pierce :rolleyes:
  2. Hi!
    In your case the track should be unpacked to --> Steam\SteamApps\my name\race 07\Gamedata\Locations

  3. and as it is your first track you have to creat the folder Gamedata and inside of it the folder Location
    and remove the folder from the setup directory :)
  4. also, be aware that the track won't appear with the other standard ones, it is under the tab "addon" or something similar when in game
  5. Ok what is unpacked. Should I not see the rest of the files for tracks in location. thanks for help.
  6. right click on teh file you have downloaded then choose unpack to <filename> open this folder maybe there is already a folder called Gamedata if not there should be a folder
    with the track name move this folder to your Locations folder
  7. teh file? I may need to find step bystep instruction from download of track to getting it in game. I don't see anywhere that it says unpack. I sure appreciate the help but the more I try to understand the more confused I become. Not sure I will go very far on the technical side of sim racing. I do better on the driving end of this. Thanks for your help Marty Pierce
  8. ok i try step by step

    1.) Download the track from NoGrip in your case the valencia street track
    file name should be Valencia Street Circuit v1_0 by NeelJ for GTR Evolution.rar

    2.) open up your race07 folder create a folder with the name GameData now open the new created folder and create a other one inside of it with the name Locations

    3.) now to go further you need WinRar. dubble click the file and a windows pops up
    and you can see a folder icon with a name beside in your case Valencia Street Circuit
    mark that folder and move it to your locations folder you have created in step 2
    via drag&drop

    4.) start up the game and check the addon or gtrevo table (the small buttons above the tracks) where the track is installed choose it, enjoy it :D

  9. I finally got it done with your help. Thank you so much I was ready to give up. Thanks also to all that replied and Jose Ferreira. Marty Pierce